Nice reports from multiplayer (including PBEM) games

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    There are some very good reports of games available on the Battlefield community website for AoW3 and I think it would be worth sharing them with everyone! Some people may be interested to read reports illustrated by screenshots and revealing some of the strategies of multiplayers.

    The latest one, written by 3 of the 4 players is available here: It was a 2 vs 2 team game between two of the top teams for PBEM: A Song of Blight and Ice (B&I) and the King Serpents. cbower (Dwarf Necro) & Hiliadan (Dwarf Dreadnought) vs Evgendil (Elf Archdruid) and Jean_de_Metz (Tigran Archdruid), won by B&I.

    I’ll post more report links later and maybe some other people can share such reports here too! πŸ™‚



    Lovely report! Was a nice read πŸ™‚ Hope there will be more to come!



    I have more to share but I need to take the time to search them. Before that, I wanted to share an interesting and funny report:
    It’s a 2vs2 with 2 Necros on one side and 1 Warlord + 1 Theocrat, trying to fight the (evil) hordes of undeads with what they can! It does not use the balance mod ( and the idea is to see if it’s possible to resist the crazy strengths of Necro before the balance fixes that were brought to it by the mod. Conclusion: it isn’t really… except if you use other OP abilities that have not been balanced! πŸ˜€
    The report lacks screenshots but it illustrates nicely the issues with Necro and Death March and Jonny Thunder provided a very humoristic account of the events.



    New report illustrating that Whispers of the Fallen give too much Research Point per tier of units killed and the need to sometimes rush your opponent!
    It was a 2vs2 between A Song of Blight & Ice (Hiliadan and AlXStormrage as Draconian Necromancer and Human Rogue) and Shadow & Flame (Lightform & Jundland Banshee as High Elf Warlord and Draconian Warlord). Jundland got killed early by independents and B&I decided to rush to prevent Lightform to expand very quickly by taking control of Jundland’s old cities. The timing was pretty good as the scores illustrate.

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    This one is quite well documented (but only from one side):
    It shows how to beat double Arch Druids combo and it also includes a nice strategic plan, which worked!

    Jean_de_Metz (Theocrat Draconian) and Hellbrick (Frostling Sorcerer) vs gladis (Archdruid Elf) and EarL1893 (Archdruid Tigran)

    Note: the Archdruid races chosen are basically the best ones



    Two nice new reports:
    Jean_de_Metz (Necromancer Frostling) and Hellbrick (Rogue Goblin) vs xlnt (Rogue Human) and Skuns453Lirik902 (Archdruid Draconian).
    Hellbrick gives some hindsights on how he beat xlnt and Skuns with his team mate and illustrates the use of Rogue’s strategic spells (Plague of Brigands, Incite Revolt). Some fun facts at the end of the report.
    Jean_de_Metz (Sorcerer Draconian) and SeeR (Rogue Tigran) vs Hiliadan (Arch Druid Tigran) and cbower (Warlord Dwarf) vs gladis (Warlord Human) and EarL1893 (Arch Druid Draconian) vs Olop (Theocrat Orc) and Gilafron (Theocrat Goblin)
    A big 2vs2vs2vs2 game which reached the “end game” stage and lasted up to turn 81.
    I describe in details (with screenshots) all my strategy from start to finish and how I got crippled by SeeR and Jean little by little. Some hindsights on Arch Druid play.
    Long report but I hope it’s interesting for everyone!



    Awesome, great reads. I miss the days where internet connections were too crap for most people to upload videos and written battle reports were plentiful πŸ™‚



    This one is more a playlist of videos showing the game from one side than a real written report with screenshots as illustrations, but you still have the turn by turn description of what happened written:

    The map of the surface (you can see a map of the underground on the video from turn 24):



    A great report by Hellbrick (again) in his round 2 PBEM Duel Tournament game vs marcuspers.
    Hellbrick was Frostling Necromancer and marcuspers was Tigran Warlord.

    The map:

    The biggest battle:



    Another interesting report from Hellbrick! This time it’s a 4vs4 (PBEM) so you can learn a bit more about team strategies! πŸ™‚

    Nook (Archdruid Draconians) + Jean_de_Metz (Warlord Dwarves) + HellBrick (Necromancer Goblins) + Melciar (Theocrat Elves) vs Jundland Banshee (Rogue Frostlings) + Castaneda (Theocrat Tigrans) + $eeR (Sorcerer Draconians) + spockimpossible (Theocrat Humans)

    The map (surface + UG):



    Two new reports nicely written and with some entertaining stories/nice insights:

    2vs2 – Jean_de_Metz (Dreadnought Humans) & HellBrick (Archdruid Tigrans) vs Skuns453Lirik902 (Theocrat Halflings) & xlnt (Necromancer Tigrans)

    Interesting match up between a Cavalry – evolve – Knight with Pistols strategy from the Human Dreadnought countered by a Sun Guards with Life Steal strategy from the Necro + a big twist with a difficult moment for the first team, which finally turned the tide and won.

    6 players FFA – Ezekiel (Rogue Draconians) vs Skuns453Lirik902 (Sorcerer Dwarves) vs Tussell (Necromancer Halflings) vs rrrrookie (Dreadnought Draconians) vs Zytozid (Archdruid Elves) vs THE RANGER (Warlord Elves)

    The rise of the Draconian Rogue, with Dedicated to Good Shadow Stalkers and strategic spells harassment (Rally the Populace, etc.), fighting a Necromancer Halfling while a Sorcerer Dwarf tries to survive.

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    Another big game report! A 4vs4 on a Large map. No big twist this time but interesting insights into strategy building in a team (many screenshots of the plans drawn by the team, and the discussions about the best plan to adopt). The game lasted 56 turns and the report is split into 5 parts: preparation, early game, mid game, early late game, and conclusion.

    Hiliadan (Rogue Humans) + AlXStormrage (Dreadnought Tigrans) + Jean_de_Metz (Sorcerer Draconians) + Ezekiel (Theocrat Dwarves) [A Song of Blight & Ice + Jean de Metz] vs Fistandantilus (Rogue Tigrans) + Tasslehoff (Theocrat Orcs) + Warlord Keldon (Theocrat Dwarves) + Mr. Hawk (Necromancer Dwarves) [The Sinners]



    To change a little, a short report, on the dangers of over-confidence while clearing dangerous sites! πŸ˜€ The report also discusses the merits of building settlements on a small (or “tournament size”, which is slightly bigger) map.

    Skuns453Lirik902 (Rogue Tigrans) vs Jean_de_Metz (Sorcerer Draconians)

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    A 2vs2 report on round 5 of the PBEM Tournament!
    We can feel the frustrations linked to playing in team in this report! It also reveals the strength of the Lesser Elemental summons from Wild Magic Master and shows some tricks to manipulate your human opponents and let them run in the wrong direction! Jean demonstrates once more his excellent empire building skills and his love for researching T4 early on (he gets Paragon with his Horned God on turn 38).

    Jean de Metz (Tigran AD) & Melciar (Human Sorcerer) vs Jonny Thunder (Dwarf Dreadnought) & rrrrookie (Human AD)

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    Jean finished a new round of the 2vs2 Tournament recently and wrote us one of the nice reports he is gifted for! This time it was round 6, which opened the gates of the semi-final for his team! He faced a very strong team of 2 veteran Italian players.
    Jean played High Elf Necromancer, a combo recently revealed and which got popular among some of the top PBEM players for its sheer strength early game with the possibility to evolve Initiates into very good Support with Heal Undead (after the appropriate tech is researched).
    This is quite an interesting match with 1 epic battle about 80% of the match. It’s quite impressive to see what Jean achieves in terms of empire development in so few turns.

    Jean_de_Metz (High Elf Necromancer) & Melciar (Orc Theocrat) vs Fistandantilus (Dwarf Theocrat) & Warlord Keldon (High Elf Arch Druid)

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