Node Serpent

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    I proposed this a year ago and was booed off stage to the sound of OP shouts from every direction.

    The sorc was in a very different place a year ago vis a vis the other classes, so it would have been grossly op. And yes, you’d want to see some cost changes for such an ability (or you could make it part of a more expensive school of teleportation that boosted all sorc phasing).

    Another option is to take shadow step and replace phasing altogether. That would make it quite a different unit, since phase and shadow step both recharging could let you do interesting things.



    I proposed this a year ago and was booed off stage to the sound of OP shouts from every direction. But this won’t help the Node Serpent survived AC I’m afraid, and it will make Sorcerer OP – with this I must agree, which will necessitate a serious increase in CP / RP costs, which without a serious HP buff as well will be a problem. Then again, if this comes on top of the HP buff, I give my +1 for this :)

    A year ago, Sorcerers had stuns that lasted longer than one turn.



    (Not singling you out, specifically, Griffith)

    Perhaps its worth noting that sorcerer is the only class which doesnt have buildable t3 or t4 unit. All other classes have at least buildable t3 unit, so this brings sorcerer to an major disadvantage on games that go beyond turn 45 or so. (because of fighting with mostly t2 against t3 wont end well usually)

    Everyone has access to T3 units, and this recurring argument(from multiple people, and not just about the Sorc) really needs to stop. Yes, Warlords use racial non-class units the best, due to their combination of Empire Upgrades, but that doesn’t preclude others from using them too.



    The thing is that Sorcerer can produce only a single unit at a time, always, on the summoning channel, and the problem here is what this unit brings to the table. Horrors bring a lot more for x2 time the mana then node serpents do, so they are more worth while the investment, simple.

    Now you are talking about interesting things, but you don’t go far enough : what would happen if 2 node serpents are worth more than a horror ?

    The thing is, that is true for ALL sorcerer units but the apprentices, because they are summoned, and you summon only one at a time. So either you make the lower tier too good for their price and you don’t need to research further, or you leave as it is, each tier being better than the other, albeit more expensive, and at each tier you mostly forget about the preceding units to focus on the new one.

    This problem has no solution in the current sorcerer paradigm. No cost change and no buff or nerf will ever change the problem, because the problem is that you will always use the best unit you can, and there will always be only one best unit, unless you hyperspecialize all of them, but hyperspecialization in AoW is considered worthless, and the node serpent is a perfect exemple of this.

Viewing 4 posts - 211 through 214 (of 214 total)

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