Offical v1.705 "CAESAR" Patch Released!

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    You can also send them to the team working on the community balance mod and we’ll fix them. You did the French localization for the Empire Building mod, right? Maybe you would be interested to do the same for the balance mod? We already have Russian localization and it would be great to have French!



    I don’t promise you i will do that,
    The empire building mod spend me lot of time (more than i expected first)
    And it is not exactly finished yet….
    And just after this one, i had an other mod; for an other game to terminate too…
    (this one
    I plan to do something for the extra support unit mod too
    I started to do this just because i use these mods…
    So for the balance mod i cannot promise you to do this yet, but i’ll think about it…
    I don’t use this mod yet, i currently watch the video about it, from your signature
    I’m afraid if i play with the balance mod, i’ll had to stop use others mods ?

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    No you don’t need to stop using other mods but you will have a few areas where only the changes of either the balance mod or the other mod you are using will be applied. For instance I use the Hero Profession mod of Eomolch + the balance mod and some skills are available at levels or upgrade point costs that are different from the balance mod. I haven’t tried the Empire Building mod yet so I don’t know what are the “conflict areas”. Overall, I think it works pretty well and there are only limited issues with most mods.
    No hurry anyway but it would great if you like the mod and then want to translate its change. I think the workload would be much more limited because we introduced few new abilities or descriptions. But it will increase with v1.22 as we will correct all the vanilla descriptions that are incorrect or imprecise (see

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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