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    This isn’t promotion of other products, which is forbidden, but I am curious as to what other games you are all looking forward to.

    For myself:


    Divine Divinity

    Planetary Annihilation (I have this on early access but I won’t play it any more until it is *finished* because it is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi at the moment)

    Warlock2: But I might wait a while. Seems odd to have to pay double to unlock all the wizards.

    Endless Legends. Their proposed combat system has me intrigued.

    Merdian: New World.



    Ha, i’m actually looking forward to Meridian: new World too 😀

    Other games I’ll definetly get once they’re rls. are Dark Souls 2 for the PC (It’s damn hard to not get spoilered .____.) and Stronghold Crusader 2.

    And that’s it….

    I suppose Ill find a new hobby



    Warlock 2 (I’ll wait till they polish it out)
    Tropico 5 (I hope Penultimo will be in it)


    The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition ofcourse, but they don’t come out for a while….



    Firaxis has announced its next game: Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth.

    Beyond Earth is a new science fiction entry in the long-running Civilization series, and a spiritual successor to Sid Meier’s own Alpha Centauri, published by EA in 1999.

    In the game you lead your people on an expedition sent to find a new home away from Earth. You explore and colonise an alien planet and create a new civilisation in space.

    Civilization: Beyond Earth is due out on PC in autumn 2014.




    I hope this will be the spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri


    Lichdom Battlemage: http://www.lichdom.com/index.html


    Meridian New World (bought).

    For £22 for the both of them, which is what Planetary Annihilation cost, I reason that it’s a decent investment.

    I will post impressions here.

    As for Warlock 2:

    tl:dr; interesting ideas, and fun atmosphere, but feels just like I remember Warlock 1. Tedious unit move and combat mechanics (if you played Civ , same combat mechanics, from what I can remember of Civ5. Not worth the £22 it costs.

    some very interesting ideas. The default campaign is the ‘exiled’ mode, which starts you on a shard and you need to make your way to the ‘home’ shard, ruled by your arch Nemesis, who has 4 other Great Mages under his control who’ll pop up and send nasty stuff your way, but who won’t actually invade (at least not in my game) and don’t have shards of their own. Basically, they function as events with flavour.

    So the campaign is basically this one giant, fractured map, and the idea is quite clever.

    The economy is quite interesting, in that cities cost upkeep, and resource buildings cost upkeep, and you are going to want all the resources you can get. It rewards specialising your cities, e.g. a city full of food, and one full of gold.

    One more good thing that works in this game is tying various upgrades to various city levels. Space is limited so you can’t have a massive banking city which also produces your best units.

    Also, random resources and dwelling inside of your domain allow you to recruit specialist units, e.g. Stubborn Knights and Halberdiers.

    However, units don’t seem to remember their move commands very wll, and as every shard is tiny and every unit takes up a hex, I am spending a massive amount of time just moving units, hex by hex.

    Select next unit
    click destination
    click again to confirm and move unit

    I make that 3 clicks per unit.

    Clicking next unit will take you from one shard to another, so it’s disorientating being bounced aorund.

    And I have about 20 + units right now, all going to the same place. I am on turn 200 odd and the last 50-60 turns have seen me doing the same thing, and only engaged in 1 city fight (which pushed me over my city limit and is whacking my happiness hard-which is counterproductive in a game like this, where the idea is to defeat your enemies, and the way to defeat them is to conquer their cities)

    Also, to enter a shard you need to go through portals (obviously) but the enemy can do the same thing, and bypass any unit you have on your side of the portal and find a free hex, which just doesn’t make sense.

    So, the last 60 odd turns have been this massive grind, because I found a new shard, and the game kept reminding me EVERY turn to open the gate, but the defenders are ludicrously powerful. No strategy involved, they just buffed their numbers massively.

    So, I am in a state where my economy is totally solid, I can spam units massively, but they die when invading this new shard,. On the new shard however, it’s only a matter of grinding them down, because the denizens of said shard will leave their spawning pits, so a quick flying unit can destroy most of these spawn pits easily.

    I then send in my cannon fodder, and bye bye independents.

    I had one a.i. declare war on me, depsite being penned in by another ai (who he is at war with). Basically, he’d have to utterly destroy the other ai before he can reach the shard that comes to my world, and the ai doesn’t appear to know how to fight.

    An allied ai of mine lost a city to some wandering Rogues, and has been sending lone weak units periodically to take it back, which all just die. I sent in one unit of Dragomorts and conquered the city in 3 turns, with judicious use of spells. AI doesn’t seem to know how to use spells. Also, an ally got his settlers stuck between a gate and some impassable mountains, and just keeps ferrying them back and forward over the same 2 hexes. Infact you will see a lot of random movement.


    And when I wrote Divine Divinity, I meant Divinity: Original Sin.

    Also, Star Citizen.

    has anyone here played Endless Space or First Contact: Pandora? I am curious…

    Pillars Of Eternity.

    There are very few rpgs I have finished, namely NeverWinter Nights 1 + 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

    I have done 90% of the Witcher, and am in the last 1/4 of Divine Divinity, so Pillars of Eternity looks very interesting.



    Pillars of Eternity seems very nice.
    Especially as the game tkae the Artstyle back to the days of glorious painting-eqsue worlds.



    Civilization: Beyond Earth is due out on PC in autumn 2014.


    Warlock 2

    main advantages (and Warlock 1)
    1) very beautiful worlds
    2) mini bosses
    3) possibility of the resurrection of all veterans (including captured enemy units)
    4) awesome magic and terraforming, have teleportation
    main cons
    1) tedious units lv up
    2) tired to defend their worlds

    First Contact: Pandora

    Pandora – the game was very unfinished. They say it’s a stripped-down alpha Centauri. I do not know in what condition it is now. They say sales have failed. They say it was not sold at the steam.


    Kaiosama TLJ

    No one at the moment that I’m looking for except for Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal. But I don’t know if this game counts because it’s already out, I just only need to buy it.



    Pillars of Eternity (I love the infinite engine RPGS. My favorite series was Icewind Dale)
    Wasteland 2 (I love Fallout I,II and Tactics)
    Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade (Planetside + Warhammer)



    Pillars of Eternity (maybe something can finally live up to the original Baldur’s Gate)
    Wasteland 2 (love Fallouts, love isometric RPGs)
    Galactic Civilizations 3 (a bit worried that it looks the same as Gal Civ 2… so far)
    Civilization: Beyond Earth
    Kingdom Come: Deliverence
    The Witcher 3
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Dark Souls II (PC version)
    Xenonauts (I love the original UFO games)
    Walking Dead Season 2 (complete)
    Game of Thrones by Telltale Games
    Mad Max (I don’t have high hopes though)
    Valiant Hearts: The Great War (love the setting, love the art style)
    Endless Legend (I might check it out, but… I’ll probably rather spend my time playing AoW 3)
    Massive Chalice (don’t know much about it though)


    @ Doom, you should get Endless Legend, just not yet.

    It’s shaping up to be a very interesting game, even if my comments on it in the general discussion thread sound negative.


    Also, has anyone managed to get Sacrifice to run on a Windows 7 pc, with an nvidia graphics card?



    Also, has anyone managed to get Sacrifice to run on a Windows 7 pc, with an nvidia graphics card?

    I just wanted to say yes, then I realized you asked about NVidia Cards and not AMD :S

    Well, as this may very well help, the gog.com version runs fine on my amd windows 7 64bit setup.
    The steam version does NOT RUN on my setup though.


    I have the GoG version and nothing seems to work.

    Oddly, it’s games from GoG that give me headaches.


    Ahh I finally managed to get it to work. Well the tutorial at least, have yet to get into the game itself.



    Kerberos Productions announced Kaiju-A-GoGo

    I keep waiting for addon SotS2 and № 8 race. SotS2 – I would like to improve the interface and raise productivity. I hope someday to fix it. This is the exact opposite of AoW 3.. SotS2 lot content in there, but it is buggs, it is very demanding videocards and processor.



    Although that trailer, and thus the game, sounds like a nice idea, I’m kinda ‘eh wat?’ at the fact that these guys currently have a game on Steam Early Access yet planing to fund (and develope) another ‘random’ IP.

    Shouldn’t their ressources be focused on #Ground Pounders’ which is still in EA?



    Need the money. Two or three successful project (like Pit). Generally it’s all very big “neck or nothing” (although the same “neck or nothing” I thought Pit).
    Ground Pounders – I do not follow this project. But apparently there are many unsolvable problems to attract attention. Less fun than the game Pit? Problems genre possible. Game is not popular.. because it is not coming soon.. new kickstarter gives a new chance to raise money and draw attention.. well actually have several brands is not always bad.



    I’m just going to use your thread to advertise the current HumbleBundle.

    For 20 $ you get Crusader Kings I and II with all their DLC.



    Has anyone tried Battle Worlds: Kronos?

    It’s 50% off on GOG.com now. $15 only.



    Civilization: Beyond Earth

    # American Reclamation Corporation: Led by Suzanne Majorie Fielding, the ARC focuses on science, infrastructure, and production, concerning itself less with culture and religion. The ARC is the world’s first and foremost megacorporation, comprising the third-largest economy in the world. Using their vast resources that includes gobs of capital, the ARC can fund just about any scientific endeavor.

    # Kavithan Protectorate: Led by the prophet Kavitha Thakur, the Protectorate believe in religion, growth, and culture. Having set aside any need for military, infrastructure, or science, the Protectorate houses one-sixth of planet’s population within its borders and seeks to spread the word of their prophet across the entire world.

    # The Pan-Asian Cooperative: Led by Daoming Sochua, the Pan-Asian Cooperative specializes in culture, energy, and science, while downplaying military, diplomacy and religion. This faction is based on the People’s Republic of China and bands together many former Asian nations like South Korea and Japan. The PAC emphasize in the technology, housing high-tech corporations and high-level research and development.

    # The Peoples’ African Union: Led by Samatar Jama Barre, the People’s African Union embraces diplomacy, growth, and health. Exercising the principles of self-reliance, the united African nations downplay production and religion. With ample mineral and biological resources, the African nations are now a haven for exploration beyond its borders.



    * Suzanne Marjorie Fielding (American Reclamation Corporation)
    o Strengths – Science, Infrastructure, Production
    o Weaknesses – Culture, Religion
    * Kavitha Thakur (Kavithan Protectorate)
    o Strengths – Religion, Growth, Culture
    o Weaknesses – Military Training, Infrastructure, Science
    * Daoming Sochua (Pan-Asian Cooperative)
    o Strengths – Culture, Energy, Science
    o Weaknesses – Military, Diplomacy, Religion
    * Samatar Jama Barre (People’s African Union)
    o Strengths – Diplomacy, Growth, Health
    o Weaknesses – Production, Religion




    Somebody plays Dominions 4? The developer will add support for fonts in different languages? ​​They said that there is a problem with fonts..


    Would anyone who has played Endless Legends recently be willing to expound on it’s current state?



    Rather confirms my fears.

    In addition, I must be the only person in the world who finds the lines in this screenshot that denote the hills and slopes to be ugly, and jarring, and somewhat geometrical…

    The city does look nice though.



    In addition, I must be the only person in the world who finds the lines in this screenshot that denote the hills and slopes to be ugly, and jarring, and somewhat geometrical…

    Yepp,so far Endless Legends looks like it was a ‘mini-‘game inside a games world (Like chess in our world).
    The artstyle/desginstyle is pretty edgy which, at least for me, feels like the whole thing isn’t even nearly finished as the actual game isn’t coded yet (E.g., the actual game is point & click ).


    Major necro:

    Who here has played EL? I have. Many mixed feelings, basically, better than I expected in beta, but missed opportunities and badly implemented things galore.

    If I had to give it a % score, it would get 70%, whereas AoW3 is @ 85% right now…

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