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    In a new map of a classic AoW map ‘Conquest of Zanid’, I used the Halfling faction with luck, and I know there is a mod for luckless Halflings. Anyway the Halfling faction always wipes out the other factions. Before, as the Dwarves, they usually lost, now as the Halflings they are winning all the time. Luck is so broken. Oh well.

    My simplest solution is to take luck away, -2% every time it works in a battle. Maybe they do that to some extent already, as I suggested that long ago. I know surrounded does not matter. Or entangled/stunned/immobilized. I mean should that not at least reduce how lucky you are?

    Next I might change all the factions around and one by one watch the Halflings win where ever I place them. I guess data just does not matter that much anymore it’s more about how you feel about something. No one is really right or wrong you’re expressing an opinion, which is all I am doing.



    you seem pretty well convinced that no one is going to think your opinion is correct



    Well maybe not so much that more that no one really that could do something about it will. I suppose. I have not much to criticize about this fabulous game, though Luck, as it is implemented stands at the top of the list.


    The luck mechanic is broken. Seeing a unit shrug off 5-6 attacks with luck in one round is too much. The op suggestion is good. Luck can a one time per battle effect. Or lowers with each success. I think cheerful luck has a secret formula. One the game designers may have intended.

    Either way the game can be unbalanced by certain combinations. The modders have modified this in balance mods. A group of 3 necromancers can raise 6 units at half strength and 3 cadavers in a battle. That with mass curse and desecration is unstoppable. The raises on the turn raised can attack in the same round. Take the raise of a cadaver. If it raised next to a caster hero it can strike. That often can do 10 damage or more. That is like casting a fireball having a unit next to the place of casting it also soaks mps from the unit attacked. It doesn’t cost casting points and 3 Necromancers have 9 raises with greater and lesser raise undead. There are several combos in aow3 that can be figured out and repeated in games. The game designers are not going to edit the units. The modding tools are more than sufficient to do that. I requested team classic turns. It has been suggested before. That request may be out of the range of the modding tools.



    Maybe there should be a percentage chance that raise does not automatically work. You are presenting an optimum case scenario which does look really bad. I suppose also you could limit the raise to touch range, like consume corpse. So say something died behind a wall you would have to get to it to raise it, or no attack on the rd. a creature is raised or brought back as a cadaver.


    Maybe there should be a percentage chance that raise does not automatically work.

    Wow after bashing the Luck system, you basically suggest to introduce a luck system for raising corpses! I do not really get it.

    I think the luck system does work fine, this way the game is more like previous games in terms of figth outcomes, back when in certain way all units had “luck”.

    You are presenting an optimum case scenario which does look really bad.

    You do the same the way you describe your experience with luck! I get it that if you want to calculate all battles especially in pvp- games luck is kind of a hindrance, but actually I think it is fine the way it is.
    As lcuk is happiness dependant it is a simple obstacle you need to overcome tactically. Such as for not attacking with bligh dammage when figthing goblins, you should just try and do not attack happy halflings. This won’t always be possible but you need to try!


    you should just try and do not attack happy halflings. This won’t always be possible but you need to try

    Or prioritize making them unhappy. It’s just one more factor to consider in your calculations, and imho it’s balanced out by Haflings being so damned squishy anyway.



    There are already some mods that take away luck from halflings;

    However there are so many things in this game already that depend on rng, that we just don’t see as such anymore. The entire morale system basically, comsmic happenings, even what starting units we get or what direction an independent bone dragon takes. It’s all luck, just not as obvious. Halflings are kinda bland without the lucky ability.

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    Halflings are kinda bland without the lucky ability.

    While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, I do understand what you mean. I maintain that the AoW1 Haflings were the most interesting, but that may be entirely due to fond memories of the “First Conflict” demo map…:)



    Well that goes for this game of course, because they have no magical creatures like centaurs and leprechauns anymore. 🙂



    Sure there is lots of randomness but simply to say that luck is just another form of randomness is not accurate. I think it may be true that Halflings sans luck are boring, they certainly win less, but luck itself is broken and I am happy to remove it and lucky we have such a considerate community. Thanks.

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    The problem with luck is when it appears to be around 50%. I can vouch for seeing a cheerful army occurring 50% or more in combat on their units. That is not reflected in any part of the written rules. They are squishy I admit but in a cheerful army 50% is 50 percent damage reduction. It is not easy to create a cheerful army that is true too. It is not that hard either with a forge and a couple skills and items.

    The necromancer is not optimal. Any player with a working knowledge of necromancer skills and abilities can tune a mid-late game unstoppable army. It is great to level leaders faster as autocombats always use the raises. Late late game there are other super powerful combos just as good. The problem is the raising of units at 50% hps is too strong. I described it as a normal for any necro player to take advantage of those benefits. The idea as Seer posted is more balance. It can be done by any modder. The question is getting the community to agree on fair nerfs. Say Halfling units tend to have less hps. Maybe remove the 10% physical weakness and nerf luck. All these balance problems can be resolved with the modding tools.

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