PBEM balance mod v1.17 released and v1.18 soon ready

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    After some delays, v1.17 of the community PBEM balance mod has been released on a new “beta branch” of the mod. It corrects a few bugs found in v1.16 and update the descriptions of abilities, to increase users’ confort while using the mod. The changelog of v1.18 is also ready: this version tackles Death March and Arch Druid’s evolve mechanisms, both of which were considered over-powerful. New releases will now be first pushed to the new “beta branch” http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758212846 and will be released on the main balance mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661597466 only after several days/weeks of tests.

    What is the PBEM balance mod?
    The PBEM balance mod (which you can download from its Steam Workshop’s page) is a mod mainly developed by Zaskow, cbower and Hiliadan which aims to balance the game for PBEM and single play, that is to say to make it possible for any combination of class/race/specialisations chosen before the game starts to win a match if after the start of the match, the player makes good strategic and tactical choices.
    The mod has been developed with the AoW3’s community and changes are integrated only after a consensus is reached regarding the need to add these changes to the mod. It is thus not a mod based on the opinion of its developers but a real community mod. Changes that do not achieve their initial aims are edited or removed and the mod has already been through several iterations to, little by little, make AoW3 more balanced.

    Why PBEM players and single players should use the PBEM balance mod?
    Triumph does not balance the game any more. Its latest official patch, v1.705, does not bring any balance change and instead focuses on bug fixing. Triumph stated that they are happy with the current balance of the game. It is thus now the job of the community to balance the game and your best choice if you want a more balanced game is to use the balance mod!

    The game suffers from several big imbalances that the mod corrects:

    – Necromancers can win games in 10-20 turns by reanimating Death Bringers and Titans and Ghoul Cursing all the units of the maps with their heroes/leader and their Death Bringers with 100% chances of success thanks to Inflict Despair

    Illustration of why Necro is OP – Round 5 of the 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament – Hiliadan vs Eskild (who changed his name to Ezekiel later) – Necromancer Draconian mirror match

    – XP farming is encouraged in the official version because touch abilities (Touch of Faith, Bestow Iron Heart, etc.) provide XP whenever they are used and the limits of XP each unit can yield when it is hit is too high, meaning that players have huge incentives to stall fights to use all their touch abilities and to limit damages caused to enemy units to harvest as much XP as possible from these units (this can also be seen in the videos above)

    – Mind control abilities are too strong and can be accessed too early, making mind control strategies dominant and production/summoning strategies unable to compete

    – Slayer’s Doubt and Stiffen Limbs last until the End of Battle in the official release, making high-level sites very easy to clear in early games

    – Dreadnought and Halflings are too slow and too weak respectively making them uncompetitive. This (and the Necro) dominance can clearly be seen in the statistics of the latest 2015 PBEM Duel Tournament

    – And many more smaller issues

    If you are a PBEM player, you definitely need to use the mod. Using the exploits and imbalances listed above to win removes the fun of the game (it is too easy!) and being defeated by an opponent using them is equally not fun because there is nothing much you can do to win.

    If you are a single player, you probably like to face some difficulty when you play a game. Playing an unbalanced game is like playing with cheat codes: you can win easily but it is not really fulfilling. The balance mod pays attention not to bring changes that can reduce the fun for single players (and if you find some changes remove fun from the game, please come discuss them with us so that we find solutions). Using the mod thus brings you the benefits of a more fulfilling game without any drawbacks.

    An example of a fun capacity added to the game by the balance mod: Brew Brothers can now make it possible for Halfling Farmers to throw their chicken on the enemy a second time! Their Fortifying Meal reset the countdown on Throw Chicken

    More on the news section of the community website for AoW3 Battlefield.com: http://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=commnews&eingabenewsid=46

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    Great work. Much appreciated.



    I am a new player and have almost given up on the game. I like to play as elves or halfling underdogs. Even with the best tactics, I get steamrolled by tier 4 units around turn 60-90. All my elven halfling human allies get steamrolled as well. Can you slow down tier 4 production with pop caps, increased cost, increase maintenance and faction unit limits? Also, resources are too easy for certain factions. Finally, the spells to create or turn units in battle are too easy for the AI to use even early game.



    Finally, the spells to create or turn units in battle are too easy for the AI to use even early game.

    You mean mind control abilities? And you mean spells like Call Ancestral Spirit? It depends what you call early game but I don’t think I saw AI have and use this spell before turn 20, but it has been a long time since I last played AI (I play humans now)!

    Regarding T4, you’re the first to ask to have the balance mod nerf them. 😛 Triumph already did a good job of slowing down the production of T4 a lot compared to the initial release. Turn 60-90 is late to very late game, so you should either have won or have ways to deal with T4 by that time.
    You may want to tinker the settings to have more fun. For instance change the game flow to slow or depending if you play AI Knight or AI Emperor (which has production bonus), you may want to increase or decrease the starting resources and size of city, etc.
    If you still have difficulty against them, you can post a new thread about it (because I searched and it looks like all the posts about them are pretty old!), I’m sure many players here will be very happy to help you find good strategies against them.
    If you’re interested by multiplayer, you may even join a PBEM “academy” game where experienced players help new players. Like this one: http://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=bfmgames&listid=465



    I am an amateur modder for other games (TW?) and don’t like to play games unless I can add my own “balance.” How can I obtain an RPK pack of PBEM or an earlier version of it? I would really like the little guys to be able to stand tall. I would focus more on the economics of the game. I play Knight and Lord level midsize maps SP against random opponents. Knight seems to easy for me, while Lord is unplayable.I’ve tried many of the suggestions on the forums and get crushed every game. I won’t play again unless I can figure out how adjust some settings.
    There really are no good explanations online on modding; the tools are very unfriendly. The suggestion on the last forum I read is to ask for the .rpk of one’s favorite mod.
    You can contact me at gdwitt[at]gmail.com. I’d love to reciprocate something.




    Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/odsbw7emdx3onc4/balance_mod_from_vasyan666%20-%20PBEM%20-%20work.rar?dl=0

    I don’t remember this is unlocked mod or no, so write here if no, I’ll upload unlocked version.

    There really are no good explanations online on modding; the tools are very unfriendly.

    Yes, it’s very true. Most things I know about AoW3 modding I found myself through experiments. However, modding manual is very helpful don’t reject it.



    The beta branch was updated two days ago and should now be stable! Due to a few tournament matches needing v1.16 not yet finished, the upgrade of the main branch of the balance mod is delayed a bit (maximum 1 month).

    So if you want to get the latest balance fixes, please use the beta branch for now. 🙂

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    A news article will be written in the Battlefield to announce it but I pre-announce the changelog of v1.2 of the balance mod:
    The Healing ability of heroes and leaders (Theocrat and Archdruid upgrade and item’s ability) can be used only Once per battle (was 2 turns cooldown)

    Converted units cost more in upkeep:+25% gold / turn

    Units acquired during a fight (mind-controlled or ghouled) start with 0 MP on the strategic map

    Skilled Adventurer’s Slingshot (Common) has Slingshot and Animal Slayer (was Slingshot and Befriend Animal)
    Siren’s Musical Box is Epic-rarity and has Siren’s Vail (was Strong rarity and had Seduce)
    Ashes of the Reaper (Epic) has Turn Undead, Undead Slayer and Energy Drain (was Control Undead)
    Karissa’s Perfume (Legendary) has Cause Berserk (Medium Range, cast Berserk on target enemy unit) (was Seduce)
    Divine Sceptre of the Theologian (Mythical) has Weaken and, once per battle, can give Instant Wrath to target touched unit (was Convert + Weaken)
    Meandor’s Autobiography (Mythical) has High Elf Slayer + Human Slayer + Black Bolts + Invoke Death (was High Elf Slayer + Human Slayer + Black Bolts + Inflict Ghoul Curse)

    Items produced in the Arcane Item Forge can add the following abilities: Lesser Charm, Lesser Befriend Animal, Lesser Control Undead, Lesser Seduce (was Charm, Befriend Animal, Control Undead, Seduce)
    Lesser Seduce has spirit strength 10

    Items produced in the Arcane Item Forge which gives mind-control abilities, immobilization abilities (Entangling Touch, Freezing Touch, Petrifying Touch, Stunning Touch, Webbing Touch) or Healing are associated to Weapon items (were associated to Use items)

    Frostling Shaman and Draconian Shaman cost 130 gold and 30 mana (was 140 gold and 30 mana for the Frostlind and 130 gold and 40 mana for the Draconian)

    Orc Hunters get Inflict Crippling Wound on Veteran

    Goblin Hunters get Blight Concealment

    Juggernauts produced in Halfling and Elf cities do not have Tree Crusher

    Juggernauts produced in Halfling and Elf cities have Forestry

    Lesser Reanimate Undead and Greater Reanimate Undead give Undying to their target. These abilities can target only Undead and Ghoul units and cannot target corpses (was reanimate it at 50% and 75% HP respectively)

    Ghouling Strike has strength 10 (was 11)

    Raise Corpse reanimate cadavers with 75% HP (was 100%), Greater Reanimate Undead reanimate units with 50% HP (was 75%)

    Raise Corpse reanimate units without any medal

    Whispers of the Fallen cannot appear in the Research Book or be already researched at the beginning of the game

    Inflict Curse costs 5 (was 4)

    Rogue heroes and leaders can now choose Scouting: all units in the stack gets +4 MP – cost 10, available at level 13

    Assassins of King costs 5 (was 6), available at level 9 (was 11)

    Urban Stealth Commander costs 5 (was 6), available at level 7 (was 9)

    Stealth Commander costs 4 (was 5)

    Death March costs 60 CP to cast (was 40)

    Give a lesser version of Mighty Meek (+1 def, +1 dmg by tier level difference) to Halfling T1

    Halfling military RG2 also gives +1 ranged damage to Hunters (was only to Adventurer, Martyr, Scoundrel and Bard)


    We are also trying to finalize the changelog of v1.21. If any of you has comments on the following proposed changes (not all will be implemented! only a few will actually), that would be very welcome!

    Dungeon’s battle enchantment is Suffocating Sadism. Every turn, one enemy unit is hit by 15 physical damage, Undead, Machine, Elemental and Incorporeal are immune. Every time an enemy dies, all defenders of the Dungeon get +100 Morale and +1 melee strength.

    Earth Elemental cannot be obtained as a reward any more in the Forbidden Sanctum

    Forbidden Sanctum’s batte enchantment is Mass Bless / Mass Curse and Shock Missile cast every turn on a random enemy unit

    Sunken City’s battle enchantment is Frost Missile (cast every turn on an enemy unit)

    Sphynx Temple’s Greater Immolation affects 2 enemy units every round (was 1)

    Hall of the Forefather’s battle enchantment is Vengeful Totem: enemy units are affected by Glacial Totem and one enemy unit is hit by Vengeful Frost every turn

    Ziggurath’s battle enchantment is Filth Pith

    Lost City’s battle enchantment is Bell Tower

    Castle of the Lich King’s Batte Enchantment is Lich King’s Undying Army: all defenders have Undying and enemy units get 20% Spirit Weakness.

    Healing is once per battle (was cooldown 3).
    Shamans and Evangelists get Combat Healing in addition to their Healing ability. Combat Healing starts fights with an initial 4 turns cooldown, it heal 20 HP and it can be used once per battle. Combat Healing has no effect on the strategic map (but Healing still works on the strategic map). Order of Healing gives Healing and Combat Healing to Theocrat’s Supports

    Lesser Charm and Charm have strength 6 (was 7) and 8 (was 9) respectively

    Lesser Convert and Convert have strength 8 (was 9) and 10 (was 11) respectively

    Hide Out costs 40 CP to cast and has an upkeep of 15 mana/turn. Disjunction cost is 55 CP (was 60 CP and 20 mana/turn ; disjunction cost was 80 CP)

    Hide Out gives Invisibility to all your units in enemy’s domain (was All friendly units in enchanted city’s domain are invisible). It costs 700 RP, 150 CP, is tier V, has an upkeep of 40 mana/turn and its disjunction cost is 170 CP (was 60 CP and 20 mana/turn, 120 RP, tier II; disjunction cost was 80 CP).

    Domain of Earth costs 160 RP and 40 CP (was 180 RP, 60CP).

    Domain of Earth gives +1 defense to allied units in the enchanted city’s domain.

    Domain of Winter costs 160 RP, 40 CP and 15 mana/turn (was 180 RP, 60CP, 20 mana/turn).

    Domain of Winter gives +1 ranged damage to allied units in the enchanted city’s domain.

    Artic Empire gives Inflict Chilling and Inflict Frostbite to units in your domain.

    Air Master gets Dark Storm instead of Wind Ward. Dark Storm is a strategic spell which gives -2 vision range to all enemy units. It costs 2500 RP and 600 CP, is tier VII, its disjunction cost is 500 CP and its upkeep 80 mana/turn.

    Air Master gets Heavy Winds instead of Wind Ward. Heavy Winds is a strategic spell which gives -2 vision range to all Flying enemy units and prevent them from Flying in tactical combat. It costs 800 RP and 150 CP, is tier V, its disjunction cost is 170 CP and its upkeep 60 mana/turn.

    Domain of Life gives Fast Healing (stackable) and +20% Spirit protection to allied units in the enchanted city’s domain.

    Domain of Life gives +5 HP to allied units in the enchanted city’s domain.

    Temperate Empire gives +1 defense and +1 resistance to allied units in your domain.

    Blight Empire gives Inflict Curse to allied units in your domain.

    Water Master gets Hail Storm instead of Drench the Land. Hail Storm is a strategic spell and causes 5 physical damage and 5 frost damage to all units and gives Weaken for 1 strategic turn to all Machines or Undead up to 2 hexes away from its center. It costs 350 RP, is tier IV, costs 90 CP.

    T4 all have Mind Control Immunity

    Heroes and leaders now require more experience to level up, with 25% more time needed to reach level 5, +40% to reach level 9, +72% to reach level 13, +88% to reach level 15 and then +400 XP / level instead of +200 XP / level
    (See full details in this XP table)

    Domain of the Sun costs 160 RP, 50 CP and 20 mana/turn (was 180 RP, 70CP, 30 mana/turn).

    Domain of the Sun gives +1 fire damage to allied units in the enchanted city’s domain.

    Tropical Empire costs 310 RP, 60 CP and 30 mana/turn (was 350 RP, 80CP, 40 mana/turn).

    Tropical Empire gives Inflict Immolation to units in your domain.

    Domain of Life costs 160 RP, 40 CP and 15 mana/turn (was 180 RP, 60CP, 20 mana/turn).

    Temperate Empire costs 310 RP, 60 CP and 30 mana/turn (was 350 RP, 80CP, 40 mana/turn).

    Domain of Corruption costs 160 RP, 40 CP and 15 mana/turn (was 180 RP, 60CP, 20 mana/turn).

    Domain of Corruption gives +1 Blight damage to allied units in the enchanted city’s domain.

    Blight Empire costs 310 RP, 60 CP and 30 mana/turn (was 350 RP, 80CP, 40 mana/turn).

    Artic Empire costs 310 RP, 60 CP and 30 mana/turn (was 350 RP, 80CP, 40 mana/turn)

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