PBEM-game "Upload failed" repeatedly

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    I have a problem with uploading a PBEM-game. When I end the turn, the game saves the game, then tries to upload and then immediately gives the message: “Upload failed”

    I searched the forums and I learnt that it may be has to do with a limit of the server on how big the games it is allowed to accept. Can someone confirm if this is the case and how big this limit is? It seems that my game is 8,4 MB.

    FYI: I am playing 4 PBEM-games atm and I only have a problem with 1 game atm (other games seem to have lower file size). The game is in round 55 (other games are in round 66, 54 and 51). All games uses the following (great) MODs:
    1. More Colors for Coat of arms
    2. Structure Reward Variety
    3. Triumphant Heroes
    4. Extra Support Units



    Thats quite a big file size. There was a limit of 8mb max upload. We changed it 10mb and hopefully you can continue!


    It works – thanks Arnout for the quick response!! Ook namens mijn team-genoot 🙂

    FYI we play on Large Land-maps in teams: 2 humans vs 1 or 2 teams of AI (mostly Emperor). It is real fun… and we are planning to play with other Mods soon.



    Have fun & good luck 🙂


    Mr. Hawk

    I have the same problem too. We play a large map with six player, our game came to 92th round and the size of the savegame file has reached the size of 16.739KB and does not allow us to upload.
    How could we do?



    Hi Mr.Hawk, we upped the upload limit to 20mb, it should be fixed now!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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