PBEM – need help improving my game

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    Kleft and Ilfoso.
    I still got open slots left so I don’t mind a 3rd 3 vs 3 at all.

    p.s. Overlord darkslash, Ilfoso asked before Kleft regarding the practise match. Just so you know.



    Hi Kwibus,

    Back on original topic – and with a tip if I may: One thing that puzzled me is why you kept an Elven city as vassal forever. With just +1 domain extension it would’ve had a Knowlegde Vault in its domain I believe.
    I checked about every turn if / and wondered why this was still a vassal and not yours already :-) This could have boosted your research significantly early on in game I think. Hope to play some more in the future!

    BTW I’m not going make it with my Elven Sorc against the Frostling Druid – we’re the only ones left in that game of yours now :-(

    Oh, and furthermore I believe AD is OP due to Healing (delenda carthago)

    Hey Pothead!

    That wasn’t a good move indeed, but to be honest that was a pretty poor game for me overall. Even for my standards! I was always running out of money which was the main reason I left it there, but you are right. Regardless of money issues I should’ve prioritised that city.
    In the game where you wiped me of the map when i was playing a Human Theo I actually had a pretty decent start, but just got completely outplayed by you, which wasn’t hard mind you. As I didn’t use any scouts and let my leader happily get slaughtered by your stacks. Since that game I actively scout!

    The Frostling AD had quite an awfully strong army allready. When I was slacking and noobing UG and I noticed him Charming an Fallen Angel and another T4 unit and that was quite early in the game. He completely stomped me, but like I said I was in really poor condition.



    p.s. Has anyone ever had a AD game where you want to summon Spiders/Serpents to evolve, but after 17 turns and 14 turns of casting Summon Wild Animal you end up with 2 serpents and 2 stacks of Dire penguins/wargs and boars. (I don’t have 2 stacks since I use them as fodder, but you get the point.)


    Yes. Multiple.
    Now I just assume Summon Animal will give me a Boar, just so I won’t be disappointed 🙂



    Kleft or Ilfoso.

    We got 1 spot open again for the 2nd practise game. Let us know if you want to join.
    In the thread in the WOTL group you can find the PW and join up.

    First one to join gets to play 🙂



    Are you guys accepting newcomers? I was hoping to try out PBEM but I don’t think I’ll be very good to start.




    Sorry for the late response. Yes we accept newcomers and this game is perfect for that.
    I hope your still lurking here, if so contact overlord darkslash or me on steam. We’ll get you into the game.

    We still got 1 open spot so anyone else interested is also fine. 2nd game has been delayed for too long so who is first gets to join.


    Lords, we are still one man short for a great practice match, where you are able to learn from the Magnificent overlord Darkslash himself.

    I understand that this opportunity will be swarmed by millions, just having the opportunity to even have a social interaction with the most well known evil bastard of this form is something that people are dying for to reach. so remember, the first person who applies is also the one who can join.

    So bring out your honor and fortitude and apply for this chance to improve above your wildest dreams.




Viewing 9 posts - 61 through 69 (of 69 total)

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