PBEM pre game needs more information

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    I realllllllllly love how PBEM works and I’m throughly enjoying my PBEM games, BUt…

    I really find the information you give or read before a game starts lackluster.
    I understand that the initial line has to be short for the overview of PBEM games, but once you’ve selected a game you should be able to find all the set rules and map settings created by the host.
    More importantly the host should be able to write an introduction to the game.

    For example:
    Large map 6 players FFA.
    Special rule!!
    In this game you are not allowed to have more then 2 T4’s in your stacks and not more then 2 T3’s in your stack. You are allowed to have 4 T3’s in a stack if there ain’t any T4’s in it.
    If you see a player breaking this rule make a screenshot with evidence and report it to me. The first time this player will be a big penatly and the 2nd time the player will be kicked from the game.

    Am i the only one that wants more information?


    Yea, you need to send a message and ask before hand right now



    Yeh and if that information is shown when you decide to join or not then you know that everyone who joins is aware of the rules.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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