PBEM Tournament / Ladder Rank League ?

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    Well Since BBB is working on a Tournament for Live Games

    Perhaps we should have a either a PBEM Tournament or

    Ranked Ladder & Challenge System… I remember one of these for Chess when I was young and consider AoW3 the modern version of chess.

    Just thought I would put the idea out there and see what kind of interest there is.


    Basically in tournament form it would be : 32 or 64 players

    Groups of 4 in a PBEM Game , Sole Winner Advances

    Settings for maps yet to be determined ( open for suggestions / discussion )


    On the other hand a ladder form would be fun as well , no limit on amount of people signing up , but when u sign up you obviously would have to start at the bottom.

    You would be able to challenge players in the following ways ( subject to change )
    – either 2 or 4 player maps
    – can challenge players up to 8 places in standings above you (except top 10 ranked postions would be perhaps within 4 positions .

    – etc.

    Anybody think I might have a good idea here ?
    Any Website Gurus interested in coding a page perhaps to keep standings ?



    Even though I never played a PBEM game that seems like it could be interesting. Though time frame slightly concerns me. It could take several months or maybe even more to finish.

    Are you sure you are up to it? As much a I understand from BBB posts it is a pain.
    Maybe you should reconsider the number of players.



    Yes , With turn timer set to one day in 4 player games I realize each tier of the tournament could take a while…. but even with 64 players it would only be 3 rounds

    64 players = 16 games with 4 players –> 1 winner each –>

    16 winners = 4 games with 4 players –. 1 winner each

    Championship game 4 players —> 1 Champion

    im not all that concerned with the length of the tournament time wise

    and this would be a lot easier than the one BBB is running to manage…. I suspect



    I recommend contacting Overlord Darkslash. He already has a steam group up with various rules in place and it is based on PBEM games. He’s got a couple of 8 man ones about to start up.



    Good Advice Wintersend , Yes I am slotted to play in the second game Darkslash organized , I believe and played a simultaneous game with him not too long ago.

    Those are single games he is organizing , I am more talking about a tournament.

    However the rules he is setting for PBEM may be a good reference to use , thanks for the suggestion.



    PBEM tournament is going to take extremely long – multiple years most likely. I’m still playing some games from 3 months ago that don’t show signs of ending any time soon.

    A ladder, however, might be a better idea. Though not that limited play reach – an elo system could work pretty well I think. Don’t recall the details, but it kind of alters the gain/loss of elo points/standing depending on rank difference – a high ranked vs a lower ranked would gain less, and lose more, while his lower opponent would gain more and lose less.



    I’d be very interested in participating in this!
    Some notes:
    – FFA tournaments or FFA ladders have a lot of potential issues with collusion or out of game alliances/pacts. I think that could be a problem if you are running 4 player games.- While 2 player games do lose out on some of the interesting parts of the game – and some classes/races seem distinctly better than others – they do give more of the “chess-like”.



    I thought secret dealings and alliances were an integral part of any war game.

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