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    Hi everybody,

    If you are testing on Mac, we’d like you to help us with our performance & compatibility test. Basically we want to know how the game runs across a range of hardware and if there are any issue on your specific setup.

    To help us out, we ask you to:
    1) Send us your specs.
    2) Report any compatibility issues you might have run into.
    3) Do a performance test.

    To get your Specs:

    1. Click the top left apple.
    2. Click About this Mac.
    3. Click More info…
    4. Click ‘System Report’, which open full Mac specs
    5. Open ‘File’ in the top menu bar.
    6. Select ‘Save’.
    7. Send us the resulting .spx file that it drops in your Documents folder.

    To report compatibility issues:
    Send an email to noting what compatibility issues you are experiencing. Be sure to attach the file with your specs.

    For the performance test:

    1. ‘Start’ Age of Wonders III in Steam.
    2. In the launcher, open the Graphics tab, make sure to:
      Set ‘Display Mode’ to ‘Fullscreen’.
      Set ‘Resolution Mode’ to ‘Half’.
      Disable ‘Vertical Sync’.
      Set ‘Quality Mode’ to ‘Medium’.
    3. Still in the Launcher, open the Miscellaneous tab.
    4. Enable ‘Run in debug mode’.
    5. Press ‘Play’ in the Launcher to start the game.
    6. Write down the build number in the top right of the screen.
    7. In the main menu, press CTRL-F to render the fps counter in the top left corner.
    8. Then press the Scenarios button and select the ‘Caldera Games’ scenario.
    9. Press Launch, then press Start to start the game with default settings.
    10. When the scenario has loaded, press Start to close the screen and – before you move the camera – write down the fps.
    11. This figure changes, please write down the lowest value.
    12. Select the main army in your city and attack the Hero that wants to join.
    13. Select ‘Prepare to be destroyed’ and press ‘Manual Combat’ afterwards.
    14. When you are in the battle, wait for the camera pan to complete and write down the fps shown in the top left corner.
    15. Please send an email to, noting the version number and both the fps values. Mark the first fps number as SM – for Strategic Map – and the second fps number as TC – for Tactical Map – to avoid us mixing them up. Be sure to attach the file with your specs.
      If you can test in multiple machines please send us an email for each machine.
    16. Thank you for testing : D>
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