Pikemen more like pike men

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    1. Polearm & Charge:
      Charge is not only Cavalry and Fliers’ privilege. Shouldn’t Pikemen/Lancers also get a bonus against charging Infantry/whatever (e.g. a Berserker), and even against Pounce?
      Pike Square & flanked:
      A phalanx’ weakness to flanking is well known; AoW3 mechanics is already “benevolent” enough when it allows pikemen to gently turn on the spot and defend/ripost like any infantry after being flanked once.
      Shouldn’t Pike Square apply only when defending against non-flanking attacks?(that is, after they’ve turned gently on the spot)
      Pike Square & physical missiles:
      If the above is deemed too harsh for the pikemen, they could benefit a little buff, not unlike the mystical Stylite upgrade. They could benefit from a little +1 DEF against (physical) ranged attacks, only coming from the front directions, acting as a little shield effect, and making for the fact that Macedonian Phalanxes could drive away some of the incoming arrows.
      Stylite grants +2 DEF against any type of ranged attack, even when flanked.
      Pike Square could grant +1 DEF against physical ranged attacks, only if not flanked. This would make Stylite Pikemen even more resistant (+3 DEF) to the physical component of arrows, javelins, boulders, when facing the shooter.
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