Plot Synopsis (high spoiler alert!)

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    Maybe thread like this was already created, but I can’t find it, sorry.

    So, I finished story recently. That’s rare to see how strategy game has branched story with multiple endings and choice consequences, almost felt like I play good ol’ cRPG. I’m not very good with history of AoW, hardly played campaign in previous titles and don’t remember much tbh, so I’m looking for some insight:
    Entire game I have been fighting Werlac, Shadowborn Agent who wants to open the seals and return Wizard Kings into this world. I was destroying his plot and amassing forces for epic battle to bring him and supposedly the entire organization down with most factions I had to play.

    In last mission of Frostlings Campaign I basically had 2 choices: join Werlac or join Melenis. Now, who is Melenis? Why does she want to destroy the world? Why Ham Binger and Sundren turned against me when I stood against Werlac? Wouldn’t world still be destroyed if seals would be broken?

    My choice was joining Melenis, I didn’t expected it but ending of this game was one of the best I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe it is possible to have such a joy from fantasy strategy game plot, which is mostly secondary in games of that genre. Bravo.


    vota dc

    Melenis was the favourite wife of Meandor that is Julia’s brother. She was resurrected by Inioch that is Julia’s father (if you notice some characters have “house of inioch” in the name) and after that she doesn’t seve anymore the elves but the undead.
    Werlac doesn’t want to destroy the world, the Wizard Kings may destroy it but it is not intended: they just want to fight among themselves for the ultimate power, of course it would be the end of the current political system. The necromancers instead want to turn the world in an undead world.



    Now, who is Melenis?

    Meandor’s favorite wife, as vota dc days. Important part, she was also a high ranking commander of the Cult of Storms, which was the Dark Elf faction in 1, and supported the eradication of all humans. Broken at the end of AoW 1 storyline, this organization has vanished. During AoW 2 SM, we see Meandor, the big leader of the Cult, support his sister Julia, who beat him in AoW 1.

    Why does she want to destroy the world?

    Not really known – though there’s some hints in the end briefing – my first playthrough I allied with her as well. Basically, she prefers death above life and wishes to spread the peace of death upon all.

    Why Ham Binger and Sundren turned against me when I stood against Werlac?

    because Werlac doesn’t want to control the world, only to let the Wizard Kings of old return. While Sundren and Ham Binger don’t want this, it’s still highly preferable above the death of everyone and everything.

    Wouldn’t world still be destroyed if seals would be broken?

    No – however, it would once again be possible to travel in and out of the shadow world. The last time that was possible, the population of Athla(the current world) was almost wiped out by the Shadow Demons. They beat them in the end, but there’s no desire to do so again.



    I’m glad you liked it Stoner 🙂



    Thanks @all for the insight, that makes everything much clearer and I’m even more glad that Triumph created such fantastic game in every aspect =)

    Eagerly hoping to see epic Shadow Demons return in future expansions)



    Well, isn’t there the third option of doing it alone and killing them both?

    That’s what I did at least. They both seemed a bit too evil for my taste, and I couldn’t stand by their goals.

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