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    @ Griffith, thanks for flagging that up.

    However, given that the meta seems to be settler based, do you think turning EQ off will affect that?



    OFC it will, no hepta / mono, no point of settling like crazy. Alternatively you can shut down settlement. On the other hand this is what all your players have been practicing like mad, so if you take this out now there are bound to be some very unhappy ppl.


    Having a tonne of cities early is its own reward, due to larger economies…

    My point was it might make the strat less attractive but it would still be a viable one.

    However, at this point, with remaining matches in the single figures (not counting best of 3 for the finals, and *maybe for positions 3 and 4) it might indeed not be worth it.

    Also, the Hugh level of the remaining players means they probably have counters for city spam ™ which is most effective when your opponent leaves you alone, which is something I doubt Abed would do lol.



    I’m not so sure…

    Anyway, in regards to the other thread, since it would be more appropriate here:

    (I had thought Fen would win BTW, would be curious to hear what happened.)

    Well, I appreciate the thought. There were a few timing issues, such as independents hitting me elsewhere on the map, pulling my map away when I wanted to move my leader, letting him bring three stacks from off screen to hit my lone leader group near mid-game. Annoying, but not crippling. Then he later made an excellent movement play, and zigged, when I thought he zagged, and managed to bring an extra group the long way around to hit me in a pivotal 3v3 battle at my throne area.

    The real clutch, though? Succeeding in disjuncting Desecration twice in a row in that same battle. I can’t say for sure I would have won if he had not, but I definitely lost because he did(both in not having the enchantment active, and in not having more CP available to cast many other meaningful spells).

    Either way, it was a good match. I wasn’t out of it, technically, having a pair of decent stacks together, including my leader elsewhere on the map closer to his territory, but my economy would have tanked after that battle. Since the game crashed due to OOS before the battle ended, I just called it, rather than reload and replay the battle that he won fair and square(odds of Disjunt notwitshstanding). Plus, he played the battles so slowly, that it was a little excruciating to thing of replaying anyway. 😉
    (I reserve the right to a little dig after honoring my opponent)

    Just goes to show that you can’t ever truly account for RNG, :P.
    Heh, Planetary Alignment also rolled the same turn I was completing Harbingers of Death anyway, but shortly after he started School of Enchantment. I don’t think it has EVER yet helped me with more than perhaps 1 turn of research before.
    In a different game providing a prime example, I was expecting a big battle soon, so I switched off of just starting Horned God to get Hunter’s Finesse in a turn, and Planetary Alignment triggered on the Hunter’s Finesse.

    Anyway, good match.


    On the plus side, having not actually done it before this game, I learned that Savage Rage(and presumably other similar spells like Lion’s Courage) does not add the Physical channel to Banshees, meaning that they truly only benefit from the First Strike aspect of the spell, and +5 Strength, Charge, Overwhelm, Armor Piercing all fall by the wayside.
    Considering Power Ritual only amplifying Blight Damage on Lost Souls and Reapers(now) as well, I would imagine the same stands true for them. Unfortunate, really, since it means Archdruids can only cast Savage Rage effectively on Bone Collectors, but good to know in the future so I don’t waste the spell on a Reaper in the future(although First Strike could be useful…).

    I wonder if this might be changed at all, or just left as is. Lost Souls, Banshees and Dread Reapers are literally the only units in the game without a Physical Melee damage channel, and it results in some odd interactions and anti-synergies. Such as with the Necromancer spell Power Ritual itself.


    Why not just have savage rage (and power ritual/dark gift) add to the number one damage channel? That will be physical for all with it, and only buff spirit for the undead.



    Some think very important is UG:
    Some race don’t love UG, no race don’t love outdoors.
    In UG this is very easy to block army with 2 pack in tunnel.
    With ramdom map outdours can by with water.

    which is why very few players have chosen the certain races, like the excellant frostman, elf, hobbit …

    May be for the next time, the hoster will be chose ramdomly and the other player can chose if UG on the map or not.

    Programmers should also ensure that in the underground there was no tunnel that allow too easily block a large army.



    I’m going to qoute you in a new thread Fen.


    Dagoth Ur

    I’m forfeiting my game with kemmjensen. I’m super busy lately (and the end of August and September will only be more packed) and I noticed I was planning my weekend around playing the game rather than around the stuff that need to be done. So in order to protect myself from myself and in order to speed up the tournament, this seemed to be the best decision.

    I already messaged both kemmjensen and cbower (and BBB) last Wednesday but it appears people don’t use Steam a lot during the week so I’m posting here too.

    Sucks though, really wanted to see how far I’d get since I never played a lot of MP before this tournament. Learned a lot from the games I played, and from the games in preparation of the tournament with some forumites (I still remember each of the games vividly)… I’ll definitely play some live MP again when I have time again, but I’m going to stick to PBEM only for now.

    Good luck to everyone!

    tl;dr Dagoth Ur out



    I don’t have see that before but we can set rocky walls near zero for solve the point:
    In UG this is very easy to block army with 2 pack in tunnel.


    @ Dagoth, shame…

    Edit: as in that is a shame, not shame on you lol.


    So, Kemm and Cbower, do you think you could get your game done this weekend?

    With any luck maybe even the following game against Gabriel?


    Will the finals be broadcasted live? Challonge tells me we have a final but there is nothing in the forum (here or at the weebly page).


    @ Turin, go up one thread to the stickied tournament reports.


    Thx BBB.



    Maybe some1 should make a note of a problem with current tournament settings. With random maptype + underground, there is 33% chance the surface will be islands. If other player starts on an island, and other player starts in ug, the island player needs to pull some sort of miracle to win.

    I’ve seen this scenario happen a couple times (like my final game vs Techno), and today on a practice match vs abed (this time Abed on island). The impact of island start is so overwhelming, that ug player will easily have twice the score by the time of his opponents inevitable demise (in the games I’ve observed).

    As a result, we’ve seen most finalists play only ug start, since starting in surface is like playing russian roulette. This limits the competitive starting combinations quite a bit, since some races are better at ug than others. Which isnt probably what people would prefer.

    So for the next tournament, or for the final match(es), I’d suggest alteration of this setting. Maybe land + ug or random maptype + surface only.


    Nothing stopping both players disabling islands if they agree…



    Now that the current (live) tournament is finished, it’s time to think about the next! 😛

    I cannot participate to any live multiplayer tournament because of availability constraint but I would be interested to participate in a 1vs1 tournament (even if it takes months to complete).
    Would anyone be also interested? And more importantly, would anyone be interested in organizing one?



    i would try to organisate an 1on1 tournament for pbem/online.
    But i’m still working on page, so it is hard to make both. ( Organisating tournament and making perfect page for all players. )

    Can post some laddergames, but many players do not use it
    (only when i try to convince direct).
    First reason: it is easier and faster to play direct in lobby/steam
    Second reason: many players think they are too bad for ranked games.
    But in pbem it is working because we have a benefit.

    We can use the scheduling tool for an 2on2 team tournament. (Was my plan)



    Yes I think it’s not a good idea that you organize it as you can bring much more benefit to the community by improving the Battlefield website and bringing new functions.

    So no one interested even just to play in a PBEM tournament?



    I am! But only if you don’t rush me again 😉



    I am as well but on holiday from the 13th to the 20th of October.



    Ok so that’s at least 4 persons:
    – Hiliadan
    – Markymark
    – Castaneda
    – Eskild

    Markymark suggested 2 vs 2. I think 1 vs 1 would be best first. (PBEM in all cases)
    What do you think ?



    I like the idea of another PBEM tournament , the 2v2 would be interesting that way everybody has to find a partner for the tournament , or could be given a random partner.

    for some reason I prefer team games , the FFA style or 1v1 just isn’t my cup of tea …errr Beer I mean.



    I would be interested as well, but I need to find some room. Do you have an idea of a start date?



    One issue is that I really want a tournament to be organized but I don’t want to organize it, as it would take more time than I can commit.
    So I guess it won’t start before some time.

    – Hiliadan
    – Markymark
    – Castaneda
    – Eskild
    – SeeR
    – cbower

    Yep, teams would be nice but I’m not sure participants know enough players to really form enough teams.



    Count me in 🙂



    I’m in.



    I am interested also.



    I am interested also, if BBB is not Judge in this one, because i don’t want be dispel for nothing in final like in the tournament of BBB…


    Trust me Gab, the last thing I want to do is organise another tournament if I have to baby sit people like you.

    You *still* don’t understand why you were disqualified, do you?

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