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    BBB i know why you disqualified me!! this is because you are either too stupid or too proud to admit that you did a huge mistake.


    I have said everything I want to and need to say. Let other people discuss what they want to here. You are free to carry on arguing, but you do it with yourself.

    I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to argue with you, because it was your arguing that got you banned, and it is you who is too stupid/ignorant/pigheaded to understand that, even though it has been explained to you, numerous time.



    if all you said what you had to say now you can go hide and I’m glad to know that you will not judge in the upcoming tournaments.



    @gabthegab Can you please just let this go and stop polluting. The tournament is over. Your one of the best players on here, the game, and the community would benefit if you could just tone this stuff down. I enjoyed the games I played against you because you are a very good opponent, but the arguing and belittling ruins it. I can only speak for myself but your behavior in the tournament really dragged down an otherwise fun event. I am not even talking about wether you were right or wrong, just your response. It certainly played a part in my choosing to not continue. Perhaps things could have been handled better, and future tournament should take steps to outline a clear structure for quickly and fairly mediating these sort of disputes. But I think BBB really did the best he could to try to be fair to all parties concerned. If you want to be helpful here, you could try suggesting measures to help avoid these sort of issues in the future. Just calling in to question people’s character doesn’t advance this discussion at all. If you can’t do that, then I hope you can just move on.



    Cbower i don’t want polluting here, and i can stop of speak of that but you speak about something you don’t know, of course this is easy for don’t have this problem again so easy :).

    BBB say in final we can play any combo, and in fact he want say just Azz can play the combo he want, it’s ridiculous for a Fair finals, and when he told me in the final part I led you lose the game I also think that we have rights to ask what happens really BBB anything and because i don’t accept to lose for a mistake of BBB, BBB dispel me of the tournament.

    Cbower I also love this game and I do not allow myself to judge another player on a story which I know nothing.






    Ok so:
    – Hiliadan
    – Markymark
    – Castaneda
    – Eskild
    – SeeR
    – cbower
    – redil
    – Gilafron
    – Olop
    – gabthegab

    Markymark is starting to organize the tournament and is preparing the infrastructure at the Battlefield website.
    The rules are also being prepared and as you said cbower, something must be planned for possible disagreements.



    Markymark is still working on the infrastructure of the tournament and the progress so far are looking great. 🙂

    You can already join the tournament player pool here to help count people more easily and provide a way to inform everyone more conveniently (through the private message system of the site, which also sends you email): http://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=bfmgames&listid=55
    As the tournament will be run on that site, it also helps make sure everyone is registered there as it will be necessary when the tournament starts.



    If you do some Team tournament id be intrested too 🙂



    i think we can soon start with the PBEM Duel tournament. 8 players are necessary and we have it easy.



    Well, as soon as you’re ready with the site, I’m pretty sure we can get to 32 players.



    yes we are under discussion.

    We can maybe organisate a team tournament for live-multiplayer. A small one. (3 -4 Teams).
    maybe some online players will read (griffith, techno) and do a proposal.



    I’m taking bit of a break from aow atm. Could help organize some team tournament later, but no promises.. 🙂



    No Problem.
    I think when i talk with german friends, i can organisate two teams.

    Maybe when you and techno got one team, it is possible for a really small one, will be fun. Shall be possible with scheduler to find a date.
    When someone has interest: Please post here!

    Do not know if BBB want organisate a new duel online tournament, maybe this is an option too (duel games are faster and easier to organisate).
    And i think without prices and without news on truimph it will not be so large, but i think 8 players are possible. Will be good for mp community.

Viewing 14 posts - 661 through 674 (of 674 total)

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