Possible to create race without the template mod?

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    Hi everyone! I am currently working on a mod that will add a new race to the game and believe that I may have reached a dead end. You need to know that I did not use the dark elf template mod as a starting point for my new race but created everything from scratch. However when I tried to run my first game with the new race selected I was facing two problems

    1) the leader preset wouldn’t show up (but rather maintain the appearence of the last formerly selected leader)

    2) the game would crash immediately when the RMG starts to create the map

    So I downloaded the very helpful dark elf template mod and took a look at the things I may have missed and it turns out there were in fact a couple of things I had forgotten. So for example it turns out I didn’t add the leader unit presets I had created to the existing leader customization set (or rather create a new one with only my leader presets in it). However when I try to add the presets to such a leader unit set (which as I assume works similarly to unit race links or structure race links) they won’t show up for selection. So I thought maybe I had done something wrong and I possibly have, but when I checked whether the original race’s presets would show up for selection it turned out they wouldn’t do so either. This leads me to the assumption that there is either a (new) bug in the modding tools that keeps the leader presets from showing up for selection or (what I deem to be more likely) when the dark elf template mod was created there had been some trickery involved that goes beyond the capabilities of the modding tools in which case effectively anyone wanting to make a mod adding a new race would have to edit said template mod or fail. So basically my question is if a) anyone has ever succesfully created a playable race without the use of the template mod and b) (this is probably something only the devs can say for certain) if my above suspicion is correct.

    Best regards,

    edit: just to be safe, I was referring to the Leader Custoization Set in Unitleaders.rpk\LeaderUnitSets and the presets that won’t show up are those of the kind “Human-Theocrat-Female: Hero Unit”.

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    Short answer: Yes. Stop reading if you want to keep running in circles.

    Longer answer: I know vfxrob was playing around with one, and I’m currently working on the Shadow Elves for the Shadow Realm mod.

    Note sure if both 1 & 2 are related to the customization set problem, but I think that they are. There are also a lot of defaults for leaders and I’m not sure which ones do what when.

    I would bet a decent amount of money that the following will fix your issue: http://aow.triumph.net/forums/topic/help-hero-sets-not-found/#post-250414

    I assume you’ve probably found most of the other records that need to be added, but I listed the barebones changes that get a running race off the ground here: http://aow.triumph.net/forums/topic/what-do-i-need-to-make-my-own-race/



    Dr_K, you sir are a genius! 🙂 I will try out your workaround now but have no doubt that it will indeed fix my problem! (Though of course there could still be others around.) Thank you! =)

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