Pre-Orders start on Steam & GoG + New Video + Release March 31st!

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    I have the same problem, would love to pre-order a retail version but its really difficult finding any information on it. At least locally.
    I did find that there is a great collectors edition on ().
    What i would like to know from Triumph is, can i order this from an NL based shop as well, and if so which?
    And if not, are there any language issues when ordering this version from, i assume the game will just be able to display English but i rather ask just in case.

    Another thing to bear in mind is that sometimes the boxed versions just contain a steam code for you to use online, so that might not work for you if you have a problem with a downloadable/digital copy. My guess is the German Amazon collector’s edition will have the game on dvd; it doesn’t say so, but it has the soundtrack on 2 cd’s, so it’d be somewhat weird to have the music on cd and you’d still need to download the game itself.

    I’ve already preordered my version on Steam, but am also waiting to see what collector’s edition will be released in the Netherlands. I doubt it’ll be the same as the one available in Germany, for they are working with a different distributor here (Namco, also the distributor for France and UK, I believe – note that the game doesn’t show on amazon UK yet either).



    All retail versions will be steamwrapped. However the big difference with retail is that you will be able to install the game from the cd. Only the last few percentages will be done online as they have to do with steam. Which means you won’t have to download the whole game if your internet is slow.

    Hope this helps!


    Guys, refer to this topic. I have compiled a summary at the bottom of the first page in terms of what each edition consists of. Still waiting on the Namco edition, if it manages to pull through.

    One thing to note, the German collector’s seems to be playable in both English and German, at least according to Amazon.

    Also, I see some of you are wondering how to order from the German site. I have my own Amazon .ca and .com accounts, so it wasn’t too hard for me as the checkout process in the .de site is nearly identical.

    I live in Canada, and I have ordered from international Amazons before and had items shipped to 3/4 different international addresses. So, in theory, shouldn’t cancel your order once you checkout.

    Just be sure to use Google Translate to translate anything and everything that eludes you.



    One thing to note, the German collector’s seems to be playable in both English and German, at least according to Amazon.

    For the time being it appears that Eurovideo is the only one to produce really the collector’s edition (or any other box edition anyway). This offer is tagged GERMAN & ENGLISH only, but manual and other documents included in the box are printed in GERMAN only.



    A second thing to note is that this only applies to the collector’s edition and not to the regular boxed edition which is completely in german with no english options.

    And there are only 1111 copies available.

    Also in the Netherlands the retail version went on preorder now. Since this day, but there is not yet sign of a collector’s edition.


    Peter OtH

    Well i could not resist any longer so i pre-ordered the collectors edition from
    Besides it looking to be a great game i also have to support my fellow country-men/developers 😉 And i did not want to run the risk of the CE not being available anymore.
    btw, good idea visious to make a thread with all the different versions.

    A small note to Triumph. I fully understand that you guys dont have a huge marketing budget, but news on Age of Wonders 3 is really sparse, let alone where to buy if you want a hardcopy. With the release now 3 weeks away i personally think it would be a good idea to try to advertise the game a little more. It looks great and it should do great. But that also requires the gaming public to be aware of it. And ofcourse i have no doubt that there are gamers that were fully aware of this title coming. For me, if i had not seen it on steam i would not have known. I cannot remember for instance seeing anything about AoW3 in lets say the power unlimited. (for those that do not know, one of the bigger dutch game mags)
    A release like this would be a great time to have a special or something in that nature about AoW3 in a magazine like that at least?

    Anyway, i am trying to pull my weight a bit by spreading the word 😉

    edit, p.s.; this is not an attack on any marketing person. i would just like to see the game do well 🙂



    @peter OtH: En? Ben je een beetje grote jongen? 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist a bit of Dutch humour (not as good as English humour though).



    As dutchman I read the Gameplay magazine which is Belgian and there is plenty of info about AoW3.



    Anyone think someone from Triumph will chime in on the differences between the gog and steam version before release ?



    Bought the game on steam. It looks like a cross between civilization and heroes of might and magic, at least to me. I am a big fan of both games and am really looking forward to this.



    I’m from Belgium and I also read Gameplay magazine. It is true there is a lot information about it but nothing where you can find a hardcopy. I’ve searched in the pre-orders of gamemania but there’s nothing to find



    In Belgium you can pre-order physical copy from game mania ( )
    or from ( )




    Like bram89 already said at the site or it is available. However only the normal version with the scenario, a collecter’s edition has not yet been seen there.



    I’m new to this “Dling a game from Steam/GoG” thing. Is there any way to buy a physical disc, in English? I just want to buy and play my game, and not have to worry about Steam DRM or GoG going out of business or any other nonsense.

    If I really must I’ll order from GoG, but ug I would really really prefer to buy a disc.



    @fanboi1234; I am afraid every physical disc still needs Steam authentication. If you really want a DRM free copy, you have to order it from, download the files and burn them on disc. I believe that is the only way to get an internet-free copy.

    Kind regards,




    As many have asked here before: where and how can we buy a physical copy including the extra things of the Deluxe edition?
    Is it too much to ask that the developers just make a small list on the website of where you can buy what?
    I had a look on the Dutch website and the picture they use there says it includes the Elven Resergence Scenario.
    Then again, the Namco version was not confirmed yet and apparently there are even differences between various physical releases when talking about the content.
    All in all this is very confusing…..>_<



    Maybe, in time, Age of Wonders III could also be released on the Humble Store of Humble Bundle.

    Sega just put up many of it’s most recent titles on the digital shelves of this “charity gaming store”, just like Squire Enix did with Thief.



    Could someone tell me what this Steam DRM stuff is about – I still cant decide between Steam and maGOG.

    I have just had a very very nasty shock with STEAM.

    Because someone who shall remain nameless said go with STEAM not maGOG because of the comunity support, workshop, and updating, I decided to activate the steam application and see what was on offer for Skyrim and New Vegas. Of cause then I had to go online.

    And what happens !

    Going online makes steam want to update itself (not done since installing Skyrim)

    It then screws up the installed games – i.e. their front ends refuse to run.

    I had to completely reinstall them from disc – actually I think that reinstal just checked that everything was there and then updated them – but it did not go smoothly – i.e. there were glitches and stalls.

    THEN it took me 2+ hours to get the shitty New Vegas game engine ini files to read in my custom hair/beard BSA files again.



    Thanks for showing me exactly why I pre-ordered from




    I have just recieved my physical copy of Age of Wonders III. I can’t install it because Steam must activate the key. Oh cruel faith, why do you mock me ….:(

    And waiting, and waiting, and waiting, …. ’till it’s monday



    How would the GOG version be updated ?



    How would the GOG version be updated ?

    I am also wondering about this myself. It would be nice if a Triumph Studios employee or manager can enlighten people about how they’ll be distributing patches and DLC to those who’ve bought from I’ve read Lennart Sas talking about how awesome the Steam platform is for distributing patches and that it’ll allow them to release a big “Day 1 patch” on release day but he says nothing about how they’ll be doing these things for the GOG users.

    Will those with the GOG version of the game be able to get patches as early as those with the Steam edition of the game? Will GOG users be able to get all the DLC made available on Steam exactly at the same time for the same money? Where will the patches be uploaded for downloading for GOG users and will there be some kind of auto-patcher program for GOG users that will be able to notify and update the game version?

    I don’t mind manually downloading my patches but if I’m going to get access to them at a much later date than Steam users then I don’t want to purchase the GOG version even though I want to get the game “DRM-free”. I also don’t want to get any DLC or expansion pack content at a later date or in a lesser amount than those with the Steam version if I’ve bought from



    I looked on the maGOG site. They say that you just have to look at your GoG account to check if updates are available. There is a special OPTIONAL downloader to get the game, etc, and it is designed to cope with connection failures; it can even use multiple servers. No limit on re-downloads.

    Could anyone confirm this.



    Well. I downloaded from GoG. Its easy to order and the account details you give appear to be junked after purchase – GOOD.
    You need to download the GOG downloader and run it on your PC.
    Then you have to get into your GOG account, and open the library entry for your purchased game.
    You have to activate use of the GOG downloader on the GOG side.
    Then go to each active panel in turn to activate downloading of each bit of the Game (game, any extras, 1 or 2 plugins)- it’s only easy to do when you know how to do it.
    It took me about 3 hours to download it at about 1/2 a MB a second or less – so much for broadband.


    There is a rendering bug in the game.

    You cannot use the character creator until you have run an active game, otherwise the 3D renderer dosent work correctly – your character is almost black.

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