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    Any chance there’s going to be a demo of the game before april 2014?

    And any chance that demo could feature a particulary map from AoW I?
    And any chance that map could be the one from the beta demo of AoW 1?



    And any chance that map could be the one from the beta demo of AoW 1?

    Oh that would be great 🙂 Dream map 🙂


    Do you mean First Conflict?

    Well as the Hafling aren´t in AoW3 I´d imagine not…:S



    First of all you srsly shouldn’t post links to another site which promotes downloading age fo wonders 3 before the rls.

    Without actually downloading anything from that site I still feel confident to say that it isn’t the full game,it sure as hell ain’t no demo either and I doubt it is the closed beta build…..
    If the specs on the site are legit I can’ tell,but 4 GB free memory sounds a little bit low and 2 GB RAM too.

    All in all that site seems very suspicious and I hope you won’t spread that link any further.

    Btw.,dat link is a ‘referal’ link as in someone made an account on and uses his link to earn money from people clicking it. This can be tracked down.

    Pls edit that link out of your post.

    Yep,first conflict 😀
    So many hours poured into that darn beta demo…

    But I didn’t even think about the runaway halflings :/

    Maybe just swapem with dwarves?

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    I deleted the spam link post from this thread. I’ll keep an eye out for any more that pop-up!



    Thanks for that Tombles.

    Buuut….any info if the specs on that site were true?:´D



    Erm, that would depend on whast those specs were?

    I didn’t actually follow the link, because I was worried it would go to a booby-trapped site or something.



    It was something like 2 Gb dedicated RAM, 4 Gb free HDD space, nvidia gt(or gtx) 340 and some ‘new’ intel processor.

    But don’t bother I’m just joking and I don’t want to derail the thread’s course even more 😀



    They seem typical average new game’s requirements. They sound surprisingly possible, though 4GB seems a bit much. Then again, with all these insanely big new games, who knows…

    OT, there probably will be a pre-release demo (‘when it’s ready’, but since the game will start shipping about that time they’ll have time to piece together a demo). As far as the map goes, the demo map for AoW1 was amazing. It was what made me come back to the game a full decade after it’s launch. (back then even getting the demo was a rare case of getting it in a magazine CD abroad)

    However, I doubt that map would do well for AoW3. New game mechanics, unit speeds, fighting difficulty. Earlier global spells, new domain system, indie creeps. Too much has changed to stay with an old map. It could be inspired by it, a modified and expanded version of it, but it would have to be made suitable for the new and improved version of AoW. Halflings would be traded for Dwarves or something.



    Hmm,I thought 4 Gb hdd memory would’ve been way to little but,who knows.

    And of course I meant First Conflict ‘reloaded’ 😀
    As you yourself said Quark02 that map was just so sufficient (Although I’ve never played any Age of Wonders games till 2010 again).


    Leon Feargus

    Ha, i got hooked on the game by playing the wizard’s throne demo.
    It too was excellent. Playing with julia or meandor against the other and with yaka as the powerful second threat.


    I don´t recall that setup, but I do recall that XDbows were OP and they got nerfed betwen the demo and the retail.



    Has a demo been released of AOW III?

    I prefer to play a demo before buying games.


    Has a demo been released of AOW III?

    I prefer to play a demo before buying games.

    No it hasn’t, and I don’t think there will be one. I relate to wanting a demo first. If it weren’t for the AoW1 demo on the PC Gamer magazine cover, in 1999, I would never have heard of this game.

    However, demos can be misleading. I bought Beyond earth on the basis of the demo they released, and that was turn limited.



    As this very thread shows, I’m a demo-guy too.
    But I can understand the involved costs do not outweigh the profits in the age of digital distribution (Easy software piracy and such) :/

    Btw. BBB, as far as I can remeber, that was no demo, but an Alpha, crashing constantly and the dumb kid you were at the time (Talking about myself here) didn’t save… (Or rather, you could not save….I guess….)


    If you are referring to AoW1, there was a demo.

    If you mean BE, there was a demo released just as the game went on sale.

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