[Answered] Problems with Armaggedon and Great Reawakening

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    In my latest theocrat Game I stumbled about two issues:

    1) I had Armaggedon up and lost two Vassals and one own cities. According two the spell description I should not suffer “City lost”-penalties but I did (Savegame attached).

    2) In a major battle I had Great Reawakening up. During the Battle I lost one Exalted who was brought back by the spell. One turn later I won the battle.
    The Result: my exalted was dead for good!
    I was wondering if this could happen because of units reawakened by the spell disappear at the end of the battle? if that is so then it is not in the spell description. (Savegame attached, the exalted was in one stack THaggadir Coalblade)

    Best regards and thanks ahead!


    Just saw that there is an upload problem. “Exceeding allowed file size” But I just added that savegame?!?


    I will try it again with one save per post






    seems like all saves are to big
    I put it on my dropbox.



    Hi Seamus,

    1) Just tried it from your save and it didn’t happen. Note that existing modifiers that were applied before Armageddon was cast don’t vanish, could this have been the case, I see your modifier has only 3 turns left so it happened 7 turns before this save.

    2) Yes you are right, units Reawakened by that spell only stay until the end of battle. We can see if we can make that clearer.

    Best of luck 🙂



    Schouldn’t Resurgency counter death after fight from Great Reawakening?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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