purchasing a hardcopy rether than download

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    To Triumph Studios;
    I very much enjoyed AOW Shadowmagic, which I purchased as a disk. When the computer I was using it on died, it was certainly convenient to use the disk and game on my new computer. I especially liked being able to play with friends, each taking his turn on the same computer. I did, after a while, think it would be nice to have some additional options which would give the game greater depth and complexity.
    AOW 3 seems to fit the bill perfectly. Alas upon looking where I could purchase the disk, or thumbdrive, for it, I was disappointed to find it comes only in a downloadable version. I want something tangible in my hands – NOT a download. I don’t buy downloads. Too bad. Oh well, I’ll just forgo the game.
    Let me know if you guys decide to sell hard copies of it.



    Hi Don8T,

    There has been a disc version, but not in the US. You might find it on European seller sites like amazon.co.uk.
    However, our partners for physical distribution have decided to steamwrap the game, so DRM-free versions (not sure if important to you) can only be bought from GoG.

    Hope this helps you, best of luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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