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    Since i play this fabulous game, i was wondering how works the restriction of population growth.

    Sometimes when i build a new tradepost, i have this:

    (Sorry if it’s in french but i’m sure you’ll see what I mean)

    It still happens for small towns and cities, less often.

    How it is calculate? what is the restraint of it?

    Thanks for clear my mind about it 🙂



    Hello CDuke, can you tell me what your problem is exactly? I cannot see what you mean.



    ok, my picture didnt appear, so i give you here the link:


    Btw its not a problem, but a question 🙂




    As you can see, i need 190 turns to up my trade-post to a village, so there is womething.. strange and I wanted to know what 😉



    Okay, I see. The ‘problem’ you have here is that your outpost is surrounded by your other cities, meaning that there is no space for your outpost to grow, except to the right. In order to grow to a village your outpost needs to have at least a certain amount of hexes and population. However, because there is no way to grow in size, since it is surrounded, it will take very long, if it is possible at all to grow.
    I hope this helps 🙂



    Ah that’s because it’s inside the borders of other city. That’s constration in action because it don’t’ have enough space to grow.

    I would recommend razing that village and founding a new village outside the borders and you will notice that growth is faster because it has space to grow.

    Its one of mechanics to counter Infinite City Sprawl aka ICS.



    hum, I see what you mean, so it’s about the small houses we can see per hex, right?

    I didnt know these houses have impact in the game, but just decorating things 😀

    Thanks for your help, now it’s clear, and I’ll take care about the space around my futures outposts!



    Yeah you’re right guys, i tried something diffrent, and it seems to be clear, now restriction is better, cause less unbuildable hexs around the outpost.

    Thanks Elina & Eric 🙂



    It’s not about the little houses actually – the important part is the domain around the city (in your case the orange lines). If your city is surrounded by the thicker domain lines, then your city will have 0 % constraint. If your city is partly bordered by the thin domain lines, then it will be constrained. So in your first picture 95 % of your domain lines are thin = only 5 % city growth. In your second picture 22 % of your domain lines are thin, so you have 78 % city growth. However, as your city grows so will the domain and once your city in the second picture levels up you’ll only have 50 % city growth. It can still be a reasonable place to put a new city – but in most games there are better places.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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