Question: Is AOWIII going to simplify the AOW system?

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    To tell you the truth that’s my biggest fear. The Combat system, while more spectacular (armies instead than single units) has already been announced as something faster to resolve… Can’t really tell if I am against that but the first impression of that is not very good…

    AOW is the greatest fantasy 4X wargame because it has always been a complex game. I really don’t think that simplifying it would improve anything. HOM&M for example, is one of the most popular games of the genre ans yet the combat system is as complex as it gets…

    Are we still going to have a PBEM game system? (Very important to me!!! That’s what made this game the greatest fantasy toy ever EVER!!!)

    Are we still going to have a rich multiplayer experience as it was in AOWII? Are we still going to have heroes that carry along a small wizard domain? (maybe only wizard heroes should?)

    We need to know all that in order to make suggestions… Or maybe ther are no plans about all that yet….?

    If I were to make AOW3 my first goal would be to make the same game as AOW2 with lots of small improvements here and there and just a magnificent new 3D look…



    BK, are you still not read Lennart Sas posts? ))



    Maybe English isn’t his first language and he wants us to spell it out for him.



    PBEM Games are confirmed.

    The second question is highly subjective.

    Domains in some form are confirmed, extended by cities and castles.  I’ve seen no mention of heroes extending them, but I wouldn’t rule it out.



    For your first point I must say it worries me also (squad instead of single unit) since I don’t want it to end up like Fallen Enchantress/Elemental War of Magic…


    If I were to make AOW3 my first goal would be to make the same game as AOW2 with lots of small improvements here and there and just a magnificent new 3D look…

    — I want a better AI, I was having a hard time getting a decent opponent, I was really happy with shadow magic, only thing I want is a revamped AI (most people I play with don’t want to play against human opponent for some reason).




    “If I were to make AOW3 my first goal would be to make the same game as AOW2 with lots of small improvements here and there and just a magnificent new 3D look…”

    I wouldn’t, I think they can do better.  I have no idea what this comment is supposed to be, other than saying you really haven’t read anything about the game.  While I liked AOW2 (played the campaign as a teenager), after playing AOW1 I can say AOW2 felt more like interacting with a powerpoint document than AOW1.  Sometimes less is more, but in the case of AOW3, I also think more will be more.  I think they are adding complexity that will give it more life, and also things like moving some buildings outside of the city, which perhaps has sort of of an AOW1 feel.

    I am sorry, while I liked original AOW2’s campaign as a teenager, I do not think the game is the best that can be done.  I really don’t even think AOW series is a “wargame” like HOI2, which I don’t even find interesting enough to play recently, and certainly not without mods to give it political considerations.  There’s only so much you can get out of unit formations and tactics.  Strategy game, yes.


    HoMM’s combat is complex?



    I think he means that….  it is as complex as the industry is making them.  People think AOW2 campaign is hard because you have to not just sit around filling up your que with buildings.
    I couldn’t get through the first couple scenarios of the campaign of an HOMM game before I quit and uninstalled.  The game has no strategy and no content.  I wish I hadn’t stocked up on the expansions while it was all on sale.  Everyone  calling it “predecesor game series…”  The game has less strategy than Pokemon.  I only hope that I have some stupid (polite word) cousin or something I can install the game for to one day get my moneys worth.



    Gameplay wise AoW 2 are  improved and might better but the campaign, well the campaign are not even close to the campaign of AoW 1. Those twisted endings, the awesome feel, the race vs race fights not like in AoW 2 where all the races were just some pawns of the wizards. So i hope the campaing in AoW 3 will be as awesome as in AoW 1. I have to admit the signs are good, this court vs  commonwealth with a nice goblin rebellion is really interesting.



    I maintain that AOW2 has too much empty space.


    The Black Knight I also have the same fear, I played the previous games and loved them and though im happy for them to improve what was there, I do not want them to simplify/”streamline” and this faster paced combat system worries me though I hope for the best. Other peoples comment seem directed at the single player campaign but though I completed it my main desire is multiplayer which is already affected by reduction in races, less racial units, smaller combat maps also shrines…I loved the spirit of magic!

    p.s Aow 1 story had more depth gameplay wise but shadow demons ftw



    I liked AoW, it was a very strategic game in the sense that there are a lot of numbers that can affect the outcome of a battle. Aswell as a alot of special conditions. I really enjoyed that, and i still do. So i hope they keep that going.

    But what they can improve here, and what a lot of people see as “dumbing down” is making it more visible and easier to read. In AoW a lot of stuff happens under the hood. A lot of hidden dice rolls of which the calculations arent immediatly apparent.

    Something as simple as flat out stating, before you attack a unit, “This is the chance you will hit, with this range of damage” is a good example of making it easier to understand and more approachable, instead of running the napkin math based on your attack and his defense (or just memorizing the numbers after a while). And also something some purist would scream “zomfg casual dumbing down! No!” over.


    Terrahero, you have a good point, but I think what people are getting worried about are things like

    small battlefields (relative to AoW1, but more or less the same I think as AoW2./SM)
    not being able to surround a city
    6 units in a stack instead of 8
    higher level units seemingly being the same accross the board (I say seemingly because, we just don’t really know how the classes/specialisation is going to play out practically…)
    fewer units per race (although these will be more ‘racially pure’, so less machines and stuff I think)
    fewer races out of the box (“only” 6, when every other version has shipped with at least 12)

    Which are enough to merit concern, because these are big changes and we just don’t know how they play out, so it’s easy to imagine the worst.


    I remember when aoW2 came out, I really took a bit of time to get used to the smaller battlefields, and the defender always starting in the middle. On the plus side, the red/yellow/green movement system was, to my mind, amazing.


    Sorry if I sound a bit dumb these days, I am working too much, I don’t sleep and I don’t have much spare time for games (I am not a kid anymore I guess).

    Anyway I haven’t read Lennart’s posts because I can’t find it/them: when I click on the link I just end up on Lennart’s profile page and under “topic created” there is no topic at all… I am sure it’s very easy to figure out how this forum works, but as I said I don’t have much time lately… any quick explanation would do, otherwise I’ll read it all as soon as I have a minute.




    Brother JO

    You have to check replies created not topic created since lennart did not create any topic.He just answered in other topics rather than creating a topic himself.If you check there you would propably find the answers you need.


    Right and all I get is a blank page with Lennart’s laprachaun and above  this:
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    but the page is blank. Maybe a bug of some sort? Maybe it’s Firefox’s fault?



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