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    One of the units I miss from AoW2 is the ridiculous Sheriff. Granted, we have a ridiculous Brew Brother, but still. This one is twice as ridiculous because he can hurls deadly volleys of choppers (certainly stored inside his barrel?) at the same pace an Elf fires arrows or a slinger launches stones. I also remember a sentence in The Lords of the Rings that says that when you see a Hobbit leaning for a stone, it’s too late. Hence the few following ideas.

    Brew Brother

      Remove the “Throw Chopper x3” attack (short range).
      Add a “Throw Chopper x1” attack (short range), possibly available when engaged.
      Add a “Smoke Pipe” passive ability that works quite the same as the Goblin Pestilence (Halflings being immune to the effect).


      Add a “Pick-me-up” touch ability that slightly buff targeted allied unit’s attack (and resistance?) and grants it Lucky (or Very Lucky if already lucky) for 1-3 turns (once per combat, or once per round and effects available once per combat on targeted unit). Possible debuff for one round after effects vanish? Heck, what’s the barrel on the back is for? If ESRB is a problem, call it “Tonic”.
      Add a “Throw Volley of Choppers x3” attack (short range), once per combat (as per current attack, or adjust damage), if really needed.
      Add a “Pan Strike x1” melee attack that have a chance to stun the targeted enemy unit.

    Farmer, Nightwatch, Irregulars?

      Add a “Throw Stone x1” attack at 0 AP cost (like the Tigran Tiger Chariot ranged attack).

    Irregulars, Farmer

      Add a “Hit and run” ability that allows the unit to instantly disengage without enduring attack of opportunity, and leave the battlefield at no morale cost. (same as a Partisan spell)
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    Not sure to who this topic is addressed (PBEM? SP? balance or fun?) but we extensively discussed Halflings in the balance mod and I don’t think we lacked ideas to change the Brew Brother or other units: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1flsHncpzAmJa_2xMHZ6Tlp-mf69ej2mYrSGNc4V3_QA/edit



    Yes, Ha09 plus Smoke Haze is what I’d see for Brew Brother, but still, his potency as a ranged unit doesn’t fit the character (a cook/brewer), imho. A deadly volley of hand axes at short range sounds more dwarvish in my Halfling imaginaire.

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