Race/Class Diversity vs. Flavor

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    So the new patch continues to push racial diversity among class units which is quite a good thing indeed. A couple funny things have happened because of this.

    There is now no such thing as a ‘normal’ mounted archer as each and every one has a race/mount based gimmick of some sort or another (closest to baseline would be the tigran one, who only gets something ‘unique’ on a medal).

    Halflings are allergic to crossbows as now none of their units use them at all.

    And orcs are all about spears now. Which brings us to the real point of this post.

    The previous change to the orc hunter was brilliant and flavorful as it brought the unit closer to the ‘orcish flavor’, but the new changes to scoundrels and monster hunters less so. The change to the monster hunter is somewhat justified by being packaged with sprint, but I feel like the original kit for both the scoundrel and monster hunter were both plenty orcish to start with.

    The big spiky mace and gigantic greatsword seem closer to what an orc would use than the spear. I get wanting to make their ranged attack more race-flavored (without actually changing any stats), but the loss in visual flavor doesn’t seem worth it to me. I feel like it would be vastly preferable to just replace the crossbow animations with spear throw animations while retaining the original melee weapons and animations.



    While I might possibly agree on the greatsword being Orky, due to the Orc Warlord unit, except for the fact that they actually have a literal Greatsword unit still, Orcs never had any units with spiked clubs.



    It’s not about precedent, it’s about personality. Orcs didn’t have any spear throwing units in the previous games either, but I agree that orc units throwing spears feels more in keeping with the orc ‘flavor’ than them using crossbows.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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