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    Honestly I think you may be overestimating it a little…it’s no worse than inflict stun, and going toe to toe with shock troopers in melee is a bad idea anyway

    Any unit with powerful melee can be flanked at least. Problem is that fearsome is extremely effective even against flanking strikes. Inflict stun can’t be compared to this.

    Fair point.
    On the other hand it comes at Prophet when most T3 upgrades come at Champion. VERY late. Most prophet upgrades are amazing.



    Hmm Maybe Orc Priest should have some kind of buff instead of debuff, Something like Rage 3 dmg 1 res 1 def.
    Hmm About Orc Archer this is a bit hard because that guys should be inferior to all others, so maybe make them just cheaper that others.

Viewing 2 posts - 991 through 992 (of 992 total)

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