Racial happiness

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    I think it would improve the game. There’s at least a couple of scenarios in the campaign that are crying out for a mechanic that says This Race Just Doesn’t Like You – the whole Elven Court Loyalist line, for instance, should not be able to simply absorb human cities and use them just like any other race.

    If you interpret the intention of the Elven Court Loyalists to be actually genocidal rather than simply being about containing human expansion in strategic areas and getting rid of the Commonwealth.




    The Court Loyalist arc starts with ethnic cleansing of a region, and finishes with the entire human race being enslaved and treated so harshly that every other race turns away from the Elves in disgust, refusing even to fight alongside them against an apocalyptic common enemy. While it may or may not be technically genocide per se, their objectives certainly go beyond simple containment, and it’s specifically noted that human ships saw the ethnic cleansing from a distance and spread the word. It’s pretty clear through that arc that Saridas and Sundren at this point are enraged enough to want subjugation, not containment.

Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)

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