Random CTDs

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    Playing random map, after a random number of turns, game crashes. Restart the game, continue from the latest autosave, after a few turns it crashes again. Repeat. Btw, I’m playing largest map available to generate if it can help.


    Hi Aennor,

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems running the game.

    Could you reproduce this crash by playing the game in Debug mode and sending us your log ,dump files and a DxDiag log?

    See howto http://ageofwonders.com/support/ 2.4 Include Details About Your PC and 2.6 Debug Mode, Logs and Crash Dumps

    Please include your savefile too if possible.
    If the files are too big, you can upload them to a file sharing website and link them here, or send an email to aow3support@triumphstudios.com and linking this thread in the email.



    Thanks for answering! The game running very well despite these CTDs
    Yes, I’ve finally catch it with Debug Mode. DxDiag, log file, dump, latest autosaves uploaded here https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbbowt82h5fp027/AoW3%20logs.rar


    Hi Aennor,

    We currently are not able to reproduce your crash with the files you provided. Is there a specific action you performed in the map you provided which made the game crash?

    It is vert likely that your pc simply ran out of memory because of the extra large map with underground. This demands a lot of memory of your system. If you are running any other applications than the game, we recommend you to close them and make sure only the game is running.
    On which graphical settings are you currently running? Lowering them might also prevent the crash.

    Do you happen to remember the settings you applied to the map when you created this game and which game-flow this is?



    Well, after the 1.09 patch it seems to working very well (I haven’t experienced any crash in latest games, played until 70-80 turn two times, 45-60 turn five times)

    Do you happen to remember the settings you applied to the map when you created this game and which game-flow this is?

    Empire building, all settings maximized (‘Many’), except ‘Starting units’ – those are only ‘Strong’


    Hi Aennor,

    Thanks for the info and good to hear you haven’t had any problems with it anymore! If it does happen again, please post it here again with all the necessary files, so we are able to quickly get back to you!

    Kind regards,

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