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    Is it possible to raze structures in AOW3 other then the watchtowers like the AI have a habit of doing?
    I really miss the strategic possibily to able to raze economy and mana structures like nodes and mines that where possible in the older AOW games.

    Would be good to bring these options back maybe in future patches? In my opinion it opens up for more strategic depth and interesting opportunities.
    Also there should be ruins of all razed buildings. It makes the map look more like a battlefield and creates more of a lasting impact. The razed buildings should be able to be rebuild on top of the ruin with a builder just like previus AOW games.


    iirc this was disallowed because it favoured you simply sending in a flyer/fast unit and burning down the opponent’s entire economy, with no way to defend against it.

    I know it’d become the default mp tactic to simply run around the map burning down structures, especially if you need a builder to repair them…



    I see your point. But this could have been solved and limited by maybe making razing structures only possible with 3stacks or more. Craving a larger force to destroy structures and hence stopping the raging razing with a simple scout unit.
    Would be nice to see a ruin of the razed watchtower anyway, i like to see the impact of battle on the map. Makes it feel more alive.


    If you have 3 stacks, burn the city down! 🙂



    Haha, sorry my mistake! What i meant was of course three units in one stack 😛



    The way I would do it is to require a certain number of turns to complete depending on stack strength. Each structure could also have its own difficulty to raze. Perhaps have the Wall upgrade for cities also increase the difficulty level of the structures. Thus heavily fortified cities would have heavily fortified structures. Of course this just gives you more time to send out forces to clear the structure. If the enemy is willing to sit for a couple turns they could still raze it down.



    You have some very good points. Making it turn based is also a good solution.
    I would really like to the raze option come back in the game, it opens up for some very interesting oppurtunities. Would be satisfying to be able to implement the schorched earth tactic for real, or see a area hit hard by the war with razed buildings and ruins scattered across the area.
    Then in peace times be able to rebuild it with much effort to its former glory if one wants to : )



    I think that if the Builder unit could Raze Structure as well as Plow Land in addition to its existing functions, that could be a strategic level on its own.

    It could take a few turns to Raze a structure, then a few turns more to return a hex to its background type. This will allow two things; the Builder unit as a part of a total war strategy, and the option to clear the rubble of a razed city/structure from the map in order to build a new structure or prevent its reconstruction.

    The AI usually plants a city next to a single resource structure in your “overall territory”, and when you take it and raze it, there is now no way to get a hold of that resource. I think there should be.



    Interesting perspective, it opens upp for way more strategic options.
    I would love if something like this could be implemented in the game in a future patch.
    It goes well with the coming empire building concept that the devs are working on right now. I think this would be a good add on, creating more strategic depth and allows for more tactical options.
    I really hope the devs would look into this and release it in a coming patch. : )



    If its disallowed.. then the hearts needed to be looked at because currently they can be razed x.x

    Because the raze button lights up everytime I send an army into the heart’s hex.



    Thats right, hearts can be razed. What i had in mind was economic and production structures including mana nodes. That option was avilable in previous AOW games and i would like to see them be implemented again. This time just a little bit more improved tactical wise as mentioned above 🙂



    It should not be possible to harass structures on the map – If then it should only disable them and you need a builder to make them work again. Completely removing a ressource is to punishing. I also think that hearts should not be razeable.

    The only thing that would be possible to remove are old city ruins. Costing twice the turns in city size – making it very costly – but who wants their throne city runis removed in a single turn? Small cities can be removed with time, but metropolises will and should be a pain – why would you remove the ruin of a metropolis anyway.



    In previous AOW games a razed structure always left a ruin witch you could then repair for some gold and a couple of turns to make it functional again. Thats what i would like to see again implemented in this game with some fine tuning as mentioned before.

    I am in favor of making it time consuming to both raze and rebuild structures/cities.
    I like to have many options at the table, the more the better : )



    Being able to build certain structures from the ground up would be a nice thing. In Civ you can add modifiers to every hex which would be too much, BUT there could be a “radius option” as it exists for forts and cities to allow additional buildings to be built in really barren places.

    It does make a difference on a random map if you have a Magma Forge or a Great Farm near your starting position. Gold Mines and Mana Nodes should probably not be “buildable”, but Trading Posts should.

    Obviously these things could be “more limited” or “easier” for certain races too, to add more distinctions on that front.



    It was fun to do back in Shadow Magic. Hasted Floating Doom Wolf stacks were my lategame strategy of choice. Literally run circles around enemy cities destroying crops, razing income structures, and picking off targets of opportunity. However, it was a serious balance issue. Even if a raze timer were added, it effectively allows an attacking force to force an enemy to come out of the walls. I don’t think the game was designed with this in mind.



    Crops would be nice to have back though. So it becomes more important to have a city in favourable terrain.



    I would like crops back as well.



    Also little houses in ‘Liked” terrain. That was nice.



    What could be done is add building plots instead of resource structures that can be built into 1 of a few specified resources with different sets for various plots allowing you to destroy them but rebuild and give you a little more control over your economy.



    Bump for a razing move for resources. Preferred if hearts also move over to the new raise method, and if builder is required to reconstruct territory at no cost, and can be destroyed by invading armies over 3-5 turns at no cost.

    +1 for true death to cities.

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