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    Was just wondering if the Golden Realms expansion is still releasing tomorrow as planned & what the purchase price is? The reason I ask is that it is listed on the Steam Store ( ) as releasing tomorrow at 5pm GMT but with no price yet, and it is not listed at all on Good Old Games/ which is where I bought my original copy of AoW 3.

    Otherwise, I can’t wait for it, the new content and patch changes look great and I’ve booked several days off to complete the Halfling campaign. In my teenage years I spent many hundreds of hours playing Age of Wonders 1 & 2 & Shadow Magic in my English home village and own multiple copies of them all, but with a career I now have much less time until I read about AoW 3 being released in March. The game was great company in the evenings in April-June when I was working on remote Pacific islands & I completed both campaigns. I’ve been regularly reading these forums, but have yet to post.

    By the way, all credit to Triumph Studios (& their supporters) for creating such a fantastic game and vibrant world – I often wondered if they would return to Age of Wonders and what a brilliant result. I can’t wait to see what they create next.



    I was also wondering about this since there is not a whisper of the expansion on GoG.



    Uh I have no idea XD Triumph studios probably had too much beer and forgot.



    Uh I have no idea XD Triumph studios probably had too much beer and forgot.

    Hehe, I’m sure they didn’t forget. But it is a little strange not to see something on GoG a couple of days ahead of time for a DLC/expansion/add-on.



    Yeah, I just checked at GOG and there is no Golden Realm! I hope that this will be released at GOG at the same time with Steam. Otherwise, I’d be a sad panda…



    After all, the price is fixed. It´s 12 Euro/$. Regarding the release, I`ve heard it said somewhere that the game´s release tomorrow will first take place in USA. After that, it will come to Europe, probably in the afternoon or evening. Haven´t heard anything about steam/gog though.



    I just checked the Steam store and it said the DLC will be released in approximately 23 hours which would put it somewhere between 12 and 1 pm EDT.




    Thanks for the replies. So it will be 12 Euros (that’s about £9.50 so I’m guessing £9.99)although they haven’t officially stated that will be the price, and should be realised at 5pm GMT (UK).

    I really hope it will be on GOG as well as Steam so I don’t have to buy it again on Steam.

    Can’t wait to slay some slippery Nagas with diminutive firework-and-chicken throwing halflings!



    Its online at GOG right now!


    dev question. I see no patch in my GOG account. I assume I need to completely reïnstall the game?

    Does this mean compatibility with old games is, ehm, “unlikely”?(Not that its that much of a problem, but just for knows..)



    Could you provide a link? It’s not there for me – as well as the patch xD The downloader says there is one patch, the website says there is none.

    Nevermind, already found it. For all with the same eyesight as me: You need to go into the screen of the game itself – there is no new article yet to find with the search function.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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