Requesting alliance between 2 AI

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    In a couple of my previous games it would end up with just me and 2 AIs, both of which were allied. With allied victory on, you’d suspect that I would have won, but apparently the two AI need to be allied to eachother to form a complete alliance for the victory. This is a bit troublesome because, despite the choice to ask them to declare war or open borders to another AI, there didn’t seem to be an option for ‘form alliance with’.

    After the first time I had assumed I didn’t meet some hidden criteria to request this, but on my second and third time I had been allied with both for the majority of the game. I had very high relations with both of them, along with them having never been at war with eachother & sharing open borders. While this issue is definitely not as high of a priority as fixing balance issues / bugs, it does feel bad to have to turn traitor on an ally to win an already finished game


    I’d like to bump this! Just had a game wind up this way. Checked allied victory, made allies out of every surviving player, and the game would not concede that I had won.

    However, there was definitely something fishy with this game, as evidenced by two things in this screenshot:
    you're merlin? But I thought I was merlin?

    1) I was Merlin, albeit with the default black/gray colors. Not sure why the game made two of us.
    2) Yzzo the rat has been dead for like 30 turns at this point. How is Merlin supposed to open his borders to him? Or have him declare war?





    This happened to me as well, and i had to crush my allies to win =/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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