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    hi, recently returned to aow3 and i see they have added modding tools now i am not into doing that kind of things but other people are – is there a way i can download these things? put them in a folder? how does it work? some help plz 😀


    I use steam so I’m not sure how it works for GOG users. With steam you dl it from the steam modding community which can be accessed by your steam client. If you’re lazy, just click on the “The age of modding has begun!” news on the right side of the page, and it has links that’ll take you there.
    Apart from that, I think you download files and copy the content to your AOW3 file, not sure, have to ask someone who’s done it to be sure.



    The mod if packed into a TAF file. Just take the TAF file and place it here:

    My Documents\My Games\AoW3\UserContent

    When you start the launcher, it will automatically unpack the file for you ready to go.



    Also, you decide from the launcher under “User content” which mods you want to use for that session. Just check them off!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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