Rivers, Fleets and Naval problems.

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    Greetings to the dev. tea, and the community. I’ve wanted to talk about a very important side of the gameplay – everything that concerns water and seafaring.

    I remeber how severely dissapointed i was when i found out that armies can just conjure ship out of thin air everywhere they want. That really ruins the strategic meaning of Cities with shipyards and the Navy itself. Units can even fight while aboard the ships, why do we need the navy at all? Also it makes valuable bridges and crossing utterly useless to hold or protect since the enemy can cross whereever he likes.

    I would like to suggest some changes that IMHO will enhance the strategic element in the game though making cross-continent logistics slightly more difficult.
    1) Embarking option should be removed for all land units.
    2) Ground forces only should be ables to swim via transport ships. To simplify the logistics each ship must carry 6 units (a single army).
    3) Transport should be defenceless and in need of the naval ships to protect it. No land units should be able to wage war while embarked.

    This changes, i beleive, will bring more depth to the game, enhance strategic meaning of the navy and give much more weight for holding and defending river crossing with forts for example.

    Thank you for listening to me. To my fellow players please write your feedback on my thoughts.



    Sorry, I strongly disagree. I like the current mechanics. Loading all units onto a single defenseless transport ship is not appealing at all. Its not more strategic depth, its just a different strategy.

    In fact, the most recent change (eliminating extra movement from boat to land) reduces amphibious assault options. I’d prefer to revert back to the original way it worked before the 1.4 patch.

    Further, the new change hurts the Warlord more than any other class, as scouting via boat was a great option.


    Reg Pither

    I strongly agree with the OP. The way that water can be crossed so easily was an even worse change than making mountains passable, IMHO. They did the same daft thing with Civ V, too. It would be nice if it were improved and they made rivers and bridges important again, but there are plenty of excellent things in the game to take my mind off it. 😀



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