[WIP] Saving game and then surrendering the same turn saves the surrender

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    As title. I saved the game, and after doing so surrendered to see the powergraphs (which I feel should be available while playing, but I digress). When I went to load the saved game (not the autosave) it loaded up and showed that I’d surrendered. That sucks – the game is gone now. I should think it’s not intentional?


    Hey Fanboi,
    I will look in to that issue.
    Thank you for reporting!

    Kind regards,


    Dear Fanboi,

    I have tried to reproduce this but I did not have any succes.
    Do you still have this issue?




    Just tried it, and nope, game loaded fine. I wonder if this had to do with the original release version (since I’m on 1.09 now). Regardless, thanks for taking the time to look into it!



    “Save game” always use some time, are you sure you’ve see the message “game saved” before you surrender ?
    Perhaps here something depends on the computer and how quick it can “save” (Perhaps save game are compressed ?) ?

    And, if you “save” and then “surrender” without leaving the menu where are buttons “save” and “surrender”, what append ?



    There is something odd with what information savegames are saving.
    Could be a related issue to the one I reported a while back about savegames affecting the AI movement for the rest of the turn.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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