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    What are the number of seals people usually set for victory conditions?
    In my first game ever using seals (against AI) I went with the default 40. It was on a large map, and I was able to win the game by turn 55! I was somewhat disappointed that it happened so quickly. I believe I will set it to 100 for the next time. For people that like long games I think you should be able to set the max a lot higher.


    If you set the seals MUCH higher, it is better and fairer both to the AIs and you it seems to me.

    Those stacks that appear on the seals can be tough. But, very possible to get early if you tech and stack right. Also, if an AI secures this miles of terrain and other AI territories on the other side of the map, no way you can get over there on time.

    Default is too low unless small map.


    Jolly Joker

    I like playing with Seals, but I always go for the maximum number (100); the Seals itself are nice targets to explore (nice rewards), while their availability means, there is a tie breaker. With that setup, getting a couple of seal points doesn’t matter much, but when you conquer a sizable part of the map, you’ll win against an opponent who plays hide-and-seek; also AIs will gang on you once you have a certain amount here.
    The high number allows for some reaction time.
    Let me add, that the composition of seal guarding stack is quite important for dealing with them sooner or later, which means there is a certain random element involved here, depending on what resistancies and vulnerabilities the elementals have in relation to your race/class combo.

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    I also go for maximum Seal charges if I prefer a longer balanced game.

    But I also enjoy to put it on lowest charge number (that is 10) for really fas rushing game. THis works best if you choose an adventure map and/or fast game!

    THere are two things that I don’t like about the seals:
    1) maximum seal count on 100 could bemore
    2) you can not set the number of seals on the map!

    The last one is much more important to me! THe number of seals seems only to be affected by map size/seal charges and maybe number of players?!?!
    Still it sometimes get a random feeling, which is kind of annoying. and besides: there woudl be much more competition and risk taking invovled if there is only a low number of seals despite large map and high charge count



    I don’t always play with seal

    Because i play with AI and even if AI take and attack seal (in emperor), AI also leave its town undefended because of seals; or stay in seal even if my seal counter if greater then his seal counter…. well.. AI is not really adapted to a game with seal.

    But sometime i active this victory condition,
    And in this case i usually put score at 150 or 200.

    This score is adapted to a medium map with underground.

    150 or 200 is greater than maximum; but i’ve moded this parameter.
    I don’t put this “mod” on line.. i don’t really call this a mod.
    You just have to change the parameter
    “Title.rpk / Global User Setting / Default Seal Target Score” to 150 (or 200, or what you want)
    (i put the acp and taf file for 150 as files in this post)
    [Edit : No file because “Security reasons” hu… triumph… Why ?]

    Like Seamus i’d like to see
    – Maximum greater than 100. This is not enought for medium map, so i don’t imagine a game with this on big maps.
    – Set the number of seal. A game with only one or two seal should be something to test…
    – Other rule to prevent seal-camping… (Seal with a limited number of points ? with or without a slow regen ?)

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    [Edit : No file because “Security reasons” hu… triumph… Why ?]

    Finally, files are here.
    TAF file :
    ACP file :

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