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    A Multiplayer online tournament can be organized and due to start in 2016 maybe in end 2015 too. But only when we have enough players for it!

    Now i think, it make no sense, but i will do a try again (maybe last try from me personally then i do only pbem tournaments and pbem games and play aow3 live multiplayer only in lan and with friends)

    All interested players need to join this pool
    , so that the organizers know how many players are interested and can easily send them an email about the tournament.

    As soon as enough players have joined and the infrastructures are ready, the tournament can be launched.

    Three kind of tournaments are possible (when another kind please post):

    1. Duell tournament / 8 players min.
    We can use the scheduler for finding dates
    A game can be played within a week.

    2. Team Tournament up to 4 teams min
    2on2 teamduels. We can use the scheduler for finding dates
    A Game can be played about weeks (very long). So one game in one month maybe.

    3. Classes/FFA Tournament with replace players up to 4-6 players per game
    No Schedule, we play on fix dates and we try to find best class.
    Every players get a fixed class to play and game resuming
    is possible with reserve players.
    Target is to find best class.

    When you have interest please say 1/ (Duel) 2/ (Team) or 3/ FFA
    My favourite will be a team tournament.

    Thank you.



    Nice initiative Markymark. I just signed up on the website, okay with any of the playmodes.



    I would be up for joining a duel tournament:)



    I’m up for the team tournament. Should be interesting 🙂



    Thank you

    Now following players are interested
    Mark (all)
    $eer (team, duel ?, ffa ?)
    Nightykatze (duel)
    Sjow (all)
    gladis (/ Earl) (team, duel ?, ffa ?)
    Castaneda (all ?)
    griffith (team)

    When you are know someone, please ask him.

    Please join pool or post here when you are interested.



    Interested in 1 and 2



    Now following players are interested
    Mark (all)
    $eer (team, duel ?, ffa ?)
    Nightykatze (duel)
    Sjow (all)
    gladis (/ Earl) (team, duel ?, ffa ?)
    Castaneda (all ?)
    griffith (team)
    Technos (team, duel)

    i’m not sure about gladis and his brother, he will play in team games, but i will ask if his brother will play too. Then we are 8 for a team tournament. Maybe i ask blackcat too (play only pbem) if he has interest. But better not.

    When you know someone too, ask him please than team mate, in the nq group it is hard to convice players but maybe asking here too.



    Now following players are interested
    Mark (all)
    $eer (team, duel ?, ffa ?)
    Nightykatze (duel)
    Sjow (all)
    gladis (/ Earl) (team, duel ?, ffa ?)
    Castaneda (all ?)
    griffith (team)
    Technos (team, duel)
    cbower (all)
    Mental (1,2)
    crazysoldier (2? not sure)

    We are now enough players for a detailed planning.



    Anybody plan to make online stream? On or YouTube? This is will be very interesting! It is so little multiplayer stream video …



    will be nice. But i have no experience, but we have a channel on youtoube (not more used since two years). When some has experience maybe he can give me some hints.

    I try to get a Price for tournament, but can not promise. Please be Patient.


    Prodigal Sun

    Not sure if I want/can participate but watching on Youtube or while you stream would be nice.



    Prefer # 2 TEAM Tournament



    Now the lan is finished, so i will continue this thread.

    Think, a nice idea can be a nations tournament.
    Some players form a nation and play against other nations.

    For example Netherland against France.
    When Netherland has 4 players, two can be a replacement.
    When France has 6 players, maybe they can form france team 1 and france team 2.

    All games in 2on2.
    Think it is a nice Idea. Shall we try to continue this thread?

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    I’m still search Players for a tournament!

    But only for a duel tournament, because i think – too many Connections Problems- for a stable Team or ffa tournaments (too less games ended).

    Please contact me when you have interest in organisting one!
    (bf_markymark on steam)



    Hello everyone! So we have waited since October when Markymark first launched the idea. We’ve been discussing for a few weeks with BBB and Markymark. Now is the time to get things going!

    Markymark even has some prizes I think, I let him confirm!

    So The Battlefield is organizing a 1 vs 1 live multiplayer tournament! We have currently 14 players who expressed their interest. We could aim for 32 participants and 16 at least.
    So please quickly join the player pool here to be in the main list of 16 players:
    Then a reserve list will be formed with the other players.

    The first 16 players are then invited to join here to formalize their registration: (click on “Join event”).

    So, there is: 1/ a player pool to get all the info, 2/ a tournament structure that you have to join in addition to the pool.
    The tournament roster will look like that:
    We will have nice stats like this:
    + tournament reports

    Judges should be: Markymark, BloodyBattleBrain and a 3rd judge to be confirmed.

    Rules and settings (still open for discussion; same as previous tournament from BBB but different map size + 3rd judge + appeal procedure):

    1. Split stacking is allowed, both opportunistic and deliberate. This is because it is essentially impossible to police, and also because there was a growing list of exceptions. it is much simpler to put the onus on the player to avoid being split stacked. Rule number 2 should be enough to allow you to not get caught out.

    2. 20 second rule. You must not attack a player in the first 20 seconds of your turns. You may manoeuvre away to your heart’s content, but no attacking. This is inviolable. If you break it, you must retreat your forces. If you do not, then you forfeit the match. It is as simple as that. This was originally 15 seconds but has been extended due to lag concerns. In order to prove it, video is desired.

    3. If you (rage) quit in the middle of a fight, or disconnect and do not show up within 15 minutes, the match is considered forfeited, unless you have very good reason, such as someone violating the 15 second rule (and have video to explain yourself). Please make sure your internet connection is reliable enough for a game. If you repeatedly quit then you may be liable to forfeiting your games, or forfeit your place in any future tournaments.

    4. In the event of a disconnection, the match is to be saved in the turn that the game was disconnected, and reloaded from there, i.e. NOT the autosave, before TC is loaded;

    >any additional actions before the battle are forbidden (enchanting/dispelling armies, global spells, moving armies);

    >if the disconnection happened closer to the end of the battle, it is recommended that either both players disband units that were killed (or left with 1-2 HP) in battle and replay the battle with what’s left, or (in case the battle outcome is clear) the player that was losing the battle surrenders the battle, his opponent disbands all his units that were killed (or left with 1-2 HP) and the game continues;

    >if the disconnection happened closer to the beginning of the battle, the battle is replayed, and the players should stick to original tactics until they are forced to change it to adapt to new random hits, misses and damages

    5. Banter and taunting is allowed, rudeness, swearing and racial (or other prejudicial) language is not. Repeatedly trolling will lead to forfeiting the match.

    6. Stalling in combat, whilst dishonourable, is to be allowed. It is a legitimate tactic, and one that is really only effective for a very limited window.

    7. You cannot play the same class, or race twice in a row. You must let the Judges, but not your opponent, know what class and race you will play for your upcoming match. For example, if you play Human Theocrat, for your next match, you cannot be either Human or Theocrat (but that still leaves you 6*8 options, i.e 48).

    8. You get one chance every match to ask for a reroll of the map, ONLY if the starting terrain for your start race is terrible, and only in your first 3 matches. This must be done by turn 5. Your opponent has the right to ask that the Judge(s) look at the autosave. If the autosave is found to be inconsistent with the player’s claim, the player will forfeit the match. If the map is rerolled, you cannot change your race or class. Clarification: Once past the initial 3 matches, you get no rerolls. If your start position is terrible, that’s an acceptable risk. If you are a Summoner class, starting with no nodes is a risk you take. At this stage your skill level and scout abilities should be enough for you to get out of such a corner.

    9. The decision of the Judges is to be respected. Players breaking the rules get a total of 3 warnings before being disqualified from the tournament entirely. Judges may disqualify a player without warnings if their behaviour is deemed to be completely out of order (e.g. racism).

    10. If you feel one of the rules had been broken, but you carry on playing, then you have no recourse.

    11. Players can arrange whatever settings (e.g. no dwellings) they choose, but in the absence of consensus, the following are to be considered the default, or standard, settings:

    Map size between small & medium, to be confirmed, (using this mod:
    Simultaneous Turns
    3 minutes turn timer
    Underground enabled,
    no hero resurgence
    Force high speed tactical combat- doesn’t matter
    Dwellings – few
    Seals- default (40 charges)
    Beacons – default (2 beacons)
    Terrain – default
    Map type – random
    Roaming Units – average
    Starting town – village
    Starting units – medium
    Starting distance -Average
    Starting Skills – Average
    Roads – Average
    Roaming Units- Average
    Cities – few
    Treasures- Average
    Resource Structures – Average
    Visit Structures – Average
    Treasure Structures – Average
    Cosmic Events – Average
    Manual combat versus Humans always, auto against independents.
    Heroes – 5

    12. The judges are: Markymark, BloodyBattleBrain (BBB) and ?

    13. A player can appeal to judges if he believes one of the rule has been unfairly applied or if a situation is outside the rules. The mach is then saved and stopped. The judges take a decision by a majority (2 out of 3) which is applied and is final.


    Just to clarify a bit on 11, 12 and 13.

    11. In the last tournament, medium size maps were a bit too big, so the best strategy was usually to settle, so Humans and Tigrans got a bit of a boost.

    Plus there was just a bit too much space.

    SuperSamurai’s settings mod has a map size that is bigger than small, smaller than medium. I propose that is the size that is used, subject to some test matches ofcourse.

    12. In the last tournament when I needed help, none of your were willing to step forward and help. This is an attempt to have a backup/alternative judge form the beginning, which leads to:

    13. This should really replace or add onto #10. The aim is to avoid a repeat of what happened with Gab.

    I’m happy to coordinate things the way I did last time, but this tiume we have not one, but two sites that work pretty well in terms of tarcking matches, stats etc. That should make the job easier.


    Ok confirmed:

    Azzazzir (Hexagon) will be defending his title.
    jean de Metz (possible, depends on certain things…) Now joining myself and Mark as Judges. Welcome Jean!
    Fakir Faler

    (from the battlefield list):

    Forever Random
    marky mark (also a judge?)

    Simple counting reveals 15 registered on the battlefield, and 5 who aren’t…
    If anyone has 2 aliases, please let me know so I can edit this list.

    a 20 person tournament would be…interesting.

    There is a prize, coming from Mark.

    OK so the feedback from testing the new map size is that, even with far distance enabled, people are starting too close to each other. Therefore, we will be using the default Medium map size.

    For balance suggestions, please check out Zaskow’s thread and comment there.



    Such a great news! Any Triumph prizes are expecting?

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    Such a great news! Any Triumph prizes are expecting?


    Such a great news! Any Triumph prizes are expecting?

    Not this time buddy!



    i have asked following Players Castenieda, Earl, gladis, eskild, forever random.
    And tussell joined too, but not known.

    And yes, i have a price, i had a pc Player fan in Germany, he has make me a gift.
    For us Players i can use Money, because postal make no sense.



    ok im in too!



    Nice. Will be a cool tournament.


    PS guys, rules are not yet set in stone. So if you want to propose an amendment, this is a good time to do so.



    map type: random – doesn’t approach. Narrows the choice of strategy. As it is necessary to choose a class and race capable on all 3 types of a landscape.
    Let’s put landscape type – “Land”. The overwhelming number of duels happens on such relief.
    Let’s not upset players with settings for which they aren’t adapted. Let they will show the best that are able.



    Offer 1 + 3 heroes and a far distance, if the size of the map is modified downward

    if the map is smaller than the average size – of the average distance – it’s pretty close.

    1 + 5 characters and the average distance – very good conditions for Rush



    to me unclear about the imperial quests – enabled or disabled?
    I support the idea to disabled.

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    many problems from described by rules can be avoided if at a meeting of opponents go to Classical turns.
    Nerves, as they say, more expensive. It is better to save time on possible quarrel, than on a fair play.



    Yes, and I want to participate too. But exact confidence is that I will be able no so far.



    I could create a smaller version of my balance mod with fixes for the most horrible balance “holes” and issues (Mass Stasis, stackable Cardinal Culling, Apprentices’ Fire Bomb etc)…

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