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    So I have had quite a look through all the mods and got creative with designing …

    not one , not two , but THREE very unique PBEM 2v2v2v2 Matches.

    Each game uses a different set of between about 8 and 10 different mods.

    Thematically Designed for stylistically different and incredibly unique PBEM experience.

    They are all up and HOSTED already , but you will have to get a hold of me either via steam or on the battlefield website in order to be given the PRECIOUS password to whichever particular game catches your fancy.


    A. You will likely NEED to be a steam user in order to be able to ** SUBSCRIBE ** to all these MODS.

    B. It will be a slight PAIN in ASS turning on and off the MODS everytime you have to play your TURN , so if that’s a problem for you or you do not know how to manage your subscribed mods then you need to either figure that out (really not that difficult) or just not bother to join these FANCY pbem experiences.

    C. Although once can never be certain , these are potentially going to be those VERY LONG EPIC type game that can drag out for a significant amount of time , Turn timer will be flexible , but you need to communicate to the host for any absence of note, and as well its a good idea to talk to your partner frequently over the course of the match.

    D. there’s probably something else important to say , but it eludes me at the moment ….. oh yes , occasionally enjoy a glass of your favourite __________ while playing your turn.

    So Here Goes I will attempt to lay out the Concept for EACH of the THREE GAMES.

    SeeR Ultimate MOD #1 ( Titled in PBEM server )

    Unofficial Title ( War of Magic )

    Mods Included

    All Dragons in Dwellings
    Invoke Mount Selection
    Extra Support Units
    Shadow Step Assasins
    Summon Spell Tweaks
    Hero Development Mod (EO’s)
    Triumphant Heros & Compatablity mods
    Dynamic Structure
    Super Dynamic Map Generator
    Expanded Forge

    Map Settings
    Large Continents & UG UG Walls Sliders turned down to %25
    Village Start – Far Distance
    Few Road , Few City Few , Avg Dwelling
    Few Starting Skills
    Leader plus 7 HERO limit
    Strong Defenders
    High Resource Start
    Hard Cosmic Happenings
    Heros Match Race.

    Anything unmentioned Normal / Average

    SeeR Ultimate MOD #2

    Unofficial Name : Master Architects

    Mods Included :

    City Development
    Hero Professions MOD
    EO’s Hero MOD
    Multiplayer MOD by Griffith
    Racial Watchtowers
    Racial Unit Reskin (Class)
    Racial Heritage
    Structure Reward Variety
    More Racial T-3’s

    Map Settings :
    Large Land Surface Only
    Settler , Stron Unit Start
    Far Distance , few road , few city , few dwelling
    Treasure = None
    Visit Structures Few
    High Speed Tactical Combat
    Few start Skills
    Strong Defenders
    EQ off
    Leader plus 4 hero limit

    anything unmentioned normal / average

    SeeR Ultimate MOD #3

    unnoficial name : Rise of the Dark Elves

    mods included :

    Storm Giants
    Obsidian Dragons in Dwellings
    Epic Mounts
    Dark Elf Template mod
    Shathias Dark Elves
    Racial Re-inforcements
    Civic Diversity
    Mythical Dwelling upgrageds
    Hide’s Hero Package
    Extended Settings

    Map Settings

    Large Islands & UG
    Village Start Far distance
    No Roads
    Few City , Avg Dwelling
    Diggable and unDiggable walls turned down ( 30% / 15% )
    Water Turned down slightly ( 40 % )

    Leader Plus 5 hero
    Avg Resource Avg Start Skills

    anything not mentioned Normal.

    ** Disclaimer …. I have tried to be as accurate with each detail as possible

    if anybody notes a mod missing from one games list or anything ” incorrect ” please mention on this post , thanks.

    Looking forward to some Great Matches.


    PS When you scroll over the game in the list of PBEM games to JOIN it will show you the specific MODS required to join ( just for anyone not aware of that )

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    -I’m So Evil,And Dangerous.



    You’ve outdone yourself on this one, but I’m not sure I’m curious if enough people itnterested in this kind of mod games. I’ll help you hope.

    This is a bit too much work for me tbh. I’m more interested in balance mods 😀



    I’m in for all of them.

    Any ideas on possible conflicts between the mods? I haven’t played with most of them, but some sound like they might possibly conflict.



    Hey Dr_K , No I carefully split the mods among the three games so that there is most likely not conflicts. But I can not bee 100% certain , But it has allowed me to host all the games , so launching AoW with the different sets of them and hosting the match is not an issue.

    I Think it should be fine.




    -Somebody Want To talk.

    -I’m So Evil,And Dangerous.


    please keep on topic, and don’t spam this forum with posts that add nothing meaningful.
    I have looked at all your replies here and some do speak about the game, albeit in a non-straightforward manner, so I am as of yet not assuming your account is purely to troll and I will give you a warning first.

    So do consider this an official warning.
    If I have to tell you again a ban will follow.

    * Post on topic
    * Post in a straightforward, understandable manner
    * Do not double-post (unless you have a very good reason)

    Thanks in advance and have a nice day.



    Nice to see two of my mods have made it on to your list. 😀



    Sign me in if there is still space. I like all of them so sort me in whereever you like.

    My steam account is lykus849.

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    Lykus , yes we still have 4 spots open , but im not having any luck finding that name you provided on steam ,

    there are several lykus , what country are you from or what picture do you have up there ?



    seem we have not enough Players for three mod games, maybe i will left two games, because three Slots are busy



    Well , I can rehost the games with no password and open for anybody to join , it may speed up the recruitment of players to fill the match.

    I will of course reserve a spot for the ones who have already expressed interest , the process of getting all the mods itself should prevent non-commited quitters from joining the game anyhow.

    Or if u guys wish we can reduce the amount of players to 4 or 6 , I am open to ideas.

    I am however quite looking forward to these matches , so I will not give up !



    Sry for late response.
    My Steam ID should be lykus849. I have the same picture as in the forum. I can wait but opening them for everybody sounds also good.



    Still didn’t have any luck finding you on steam Lykus , but no matt

    the MOD series games #1 and #3 have been rehosted as 2v2v2 with all other settings the same as above

    UNPASSWORDED so now anybody is welcome to join

    I will follow suit with #2 shortly once the already committed players join #1 and #3



    Glad to see you made it into one of the matches Lykus.
    and as my partner no less.

    War of Magicians MOD series game #1 has filled and launched , happy hunting to all participants. It should be an interesting one.

    Still a few seats left in #2 Architects Dream , and #3 Rise of the Dark Elves



    War of Magicians MOD series game #1 has filled and launched , happy hunting to all participants. It should be an interesting one.

    What version of the Hero Development Mod did you use/ When was the last time you updated the mod you had?

    I’m getting a different version error for that mod, and I just downloaded it today.

    This could cause problems in the future if authors start updating their mods that we are using (unlikely for most of them though). If you could create an archive of the starting versions of the mods and make it available to the rest, we could use that as a backup in the case that the workshop version changes.



    hmm … ok I will at least duplicate the folder of all the mods I currently have as a starting point. are you still not able to play your turn Dr K. ?



    And yes this is a possibility that I had realized , I thought most of the mod downloads had an option to use a former version. perhaps I am mistaken.

    pretty certain that I had updated all the mods very recently just before hosting the games and then again right before they got reduced to 2v2v2.

    anyhow I managed to duplicate my “user content” folder to my desktop.
    just have to find way to email it to anybody that needs a specific MoD file.

    I will send out a message to the players for each game and provide an email to be reached at I guess…. unless there is some better option ?



    hmm … ok I will at least duplicate the folder of all the mods I currently have as a starting point. are you still not able to play your turn Dr K. ?

    I’m still getting the error after reloading the mods. I’ll see if there is anything I can figure out tomorrow.

    I will send out a message to the players for each game and provide an email to be reached at I guess…. unless there is some better option ?

    Any sort of file hosting site would probably work as well if you want to put up the entire folder of mods. Zip files can also be hosted on the nexusmods site if you’d prefer to use that over generic file shares.



    Architects Dream #2


    Rise of the Dark Elves #3

    have both also filled and launched



    I’m getting the version error message on the Dark Elf Mod for Rise of the Dark Elves #3.



    hmm could be more troublesome than I expected to get these games off the ground.

    alright like I said am open to suggestions but sounds like I did not update recently enough to properly host the games.

    if that is the case it will require rehost of all three perhaps..?

    will give it a couple days for any other suggestions….

    but regardless I will not give up on this experiment..!



    Sent this out earlier today to all players currently holding a seat in any of the 3 games.

    Hi all involved in these MOD series PBEM games.

    Thank you for your patients

    It has been brought to my attention that sometimes the creators of the MODs being used in these PBEM matches improve/update their MODs.

    So as a result a player will not be able to play their turn without the correct version of the MOD.

    As a solution , i have come up with the following :

    1. I will have to rehost each of the games.

    2. Please before joining any of the games download / subscribe to the necessary MOD’s required to play the match.

    3. The MODs are located in a folder on your computer. ( This PC / Documents / My Games / AoW3 / user content ) please make a duplicate copy of this folder in case you update your other mods , then you will have a saved copy to restore the MODs which you can then copy back into the original location if needed.

    4. I will have a copy of any necessary MODs as well and can send any individual ones to you if needed , you will just have to provide me with the email adress you want them sent to. (Can be done privately via the in game messaging )

    Today is Friday , I will be rehosting each of the three matches this coming SUNDAY.

    once again thanks for your patients , and I look forward to 3 very special PBEM games with all of you.




    All three games have been rehosted , this is the last chance for unpassworded….

    if we get some random moron who joins and spoils any of the three games …. it will go back to being passworded and we will just have to patiently wait for enough intelligent committed players.



    Didn’t make it to War of Magic. The other two were already full or not?

    Tell me how it went and if you want to start a new one.



    So, I’m still getting the same error with the War of Magicians as last time, and can’t play my turn.

    “The Hero Development Mod is the wrong version”. I redownloaded it right after the game was rehosted, which didn’t work, and I refreshed it today as well, which didn’t work either.

    I’m not sure what the game is looking at to determine which version is being used, but the folder that downloads for me is “EO’S HERO MOD [76561198077236807].”



    Well Glad that you sorted out and found the issue and got ur turn played Dr. K

    Lykus … we restarted all three games didn’t see you in any of the #2 ones…but feel free to continue the one we abandoned if you like for practice with who-ever is left in it.



    Alright now so going unpassworded these matches have revealed that you can join the game on the server without first downloading the required MoDs

    it has also revealed sevral players who can figure it out.

    also revealed that trying to play in DEBUG mode can cause issues.

    All Three MOD series games are now being REHOSTED for the 3rd time.

    once again please contact me via steam or on the battlefield website for the PassWord should you desire to join one or all three of them. ( as long as you are familiar with how to Use / subscribe / enable / disable the mods for AoW3 )

    And thank you for any of the guys who have been sticking around throughout these experimental MOD games.

    I think when they finally get going with decent players they will be extrodinare.

    OH and PS… it has been decided that they will all be 3v3 team matches now
    except Rise of the Dark Elves is 2v2v2

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    Still need players for :

    Master Architects (3 seats avail )
    SummoneR’s Dreamland. (3 seats avail )

    MOD Series #4 Marvels SuperHeros filled and launched extremely fast … !

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