Selecting the gender for your Class units

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    I was thinking about the dev journal a while back explaining how class units used the assets of the desired unit and pasted them over the racial model. How about an option during unit training where you can select the gender for, say, a Musketeer or a Cavalry Archer? This would add a lot of flavor to the player’s armies. If the option is not available due to gender-specific clothing, you can grey it out.

    This might even be possible for racial units (Griffon Riders for instance), again barring the option for gender-specific units. Personally, gender-specific clothing doesn’t bother me much (if you want an male orc in a dress, why not?) but I can imagine the American rating boards going apeshit if you have the option of making a female Berserker.



    Sounds like you could take that in interesting directions, but there’s probably other features that are the same effort for implementing and would have more impact.


    C’mon, at least give us a female landship.


    Would-Have functionality then? 🙂

    I’ll just paint said Landships pink for now…



    But all the Landships are already female, just like all ships…


    Then I’ll attach a large wooden fallus to it for gender equality.


    You’re thinking of a battering ram. 😉 I think those are “in” too if you know what I mean.


    Lol! Touché. That would be an awesome insult, having your city gates bashed in by a giant wooden penis. With reinforced steel tip.



    LOL. I need to change the gender for my cannons and flame tanks as well 😀



    To be serious for a moment, though, this would be cool but it’s never going to happen I don’t think. It would add a lot of customizability, though. I’d like to be able to make a side of “amazons” where all the warriors are women, for example.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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