Several AD game-play issues.

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    Hey there Triumph,

    I recently had a game with @bouh and there were some alarming moments during this game.

    1. Issue: Adding units to production order changes cities happiness rate.

    I noticed in my throne city that whenever I’m adding units to production line my happiness suddenly drops, which in fact also lowering the number of production points in the same city and here the priest I wanted to build in 1 turn costs me 2 to build.
    Check it here:

    (I also attached the save game file).

    2. Issue: Summoned units change upkeep resource upon evolving. Disappearance of units after leader’s death.

    I’m not sure if it is an issue, when you train Archdruid’s serpent it eventually evolves into giant one (and indeed that was part of my tactics in this game). The new Giant snake requires gold rather than mana to support but more strangely after my major battle with Bouh my leader retreated to void, and as usual support for my spells doubled and some of the spells disappeared (as it sometimes happens then I don’t have sufficient mana income to support their double cost). But then I noticed that my Gold Medal t4 Serpent disappeared as well.

    Imagine my frustration. It wasn’t really nice of him but since I won the battle already it wasn’t a huge issue. Still, I don’t know if Serpents disappearance connected to changing his support resource type upon upgrade, but they definitely should not disappear without reason.

    Check it here:

    You can see here, shock serpent survived the battle, but nowhere to be found.

    3. Issue: “Vengeful vine” spell stopped working.

    During battle for Bouh’s capital I cast Vengeful Vines spells with one of my Hero’s (Archdruid) to level the walls. So, Imagine my surprise when after several rounds Bouh’s berserker accidentally lands on one of several almost destroyed wall segments and the next round spell stops working. I kill the annoying berserker and the spell continues to work. Just plain weird.

    Check it here:
    Round 1: My hero casts spell.

    Round 4: Berserker landed on the wall, next turn spell stopped working.

    Round 5: Berserker is dead, spells goes on every round as usual.

    Best regards.

    1. 123.asg


    Hi Marcus, Thanks for your feedback. Awesome to the see the whole match on youtube!

    1. This is weird indeed. Could not reproduce this quickly, but will keep an eye on it. If you can reproduce this with a singleplayer save, let me know!

    2. Both issues are by design.

    Summoned units that evolve get standard upkeep after they evolved
    There is 1/4 chance each sustained spell is removed upon leader dead. This is not communicated to the player very well. We’ve a case to add Tome of Wonders Entry and event which explains this.

    3. Booked a case to investigate this problem! 27778



    Hey Arnout,

    I managed to figure out what was wrong and apparently everything was within in-game mechanics.

    I had a “wealthy empire” morale bonus for having over 1000 gold, so when I tried to build priest (or other units) I was down to less then 1k in gold, which in turn left me without “wealthy empire” that alone lowered my production in capital, hence 2 turn for priest.

    Not much of an issue after all. (:



    Ah forgot about that, indeed its the wealthy empire! 🙂

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