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    Out of anticipation, I fired up my Shadow Magic.


    Anyone else done/doing the same?


    Anyone up for a game?



    Haha, I did exactly that when I found out about AoW III. Went through all my mods and decided to jut play it default as triumph intended. Kind of scratched my AoW itch, but it also made me want to play the new game even more.


    Age Of Wonders 1 for me 🙂



    I will admit that while I love Shadow Magic, I always feel a little sad since I beat AoW1 as the Archons the first time I played it…

    *Sniffle* Why did it have to end with status-quo instead?!  The Archon ending is a cool ending!


    Just finished AoW1 and getting my rear roasted in AoW2… It’s always such a pleasant feeling to put the game on “beginner” cause you just want to refresh your memory about all the fun details in the story… and you still get your rear handed to you. So yhea it might be a few weeks before I get to Shadow Magic.



    I have been playing SM.  Just noticed another thing that sort of killed the immersion in single player random scenario.  I was playing Marianus (sp?), the halfling water mage, and lo who is my first foe?  Marianus the halfling water mage!  Hope that doesn’t happen in AOW 3…



    I personally prefer the AOW1 wizard creation system in it’s selection of ‘generic’ portraits.



    I’ll probably play some Shadow Magic this weekend, with community patch 1.4! 🙂


    Brother JO

    I can’t play any of them … they don’t run with windows 8 :/


    Narvek, if you can tear yourself away from work next Monday, any time day or night, I’m up for a game.


    I’m just after starting the SP campaign. Played it only once ages ago and can’t remember anything of it now. I’ve mostly played custom maps so far..


    I can’t play any of them … they don’t run with windows 8 :/

    I don’t have win8 so I can’t tell for certain, but check if they might run in compatibility mode (right click on the game .exe (NOT the launcher) go to properties, find the compatibility tab and just tinker around until it works.) Again I do not have win8 myself but if win8 has such options you might be able to run it like that. Also if it’s anything like win7 you MIGHT need to run as administrator, but again I’m merely making educated guesses here.


    You caught me on the day I did just that 😛






    Zamina/BBB, monday isn’t a good day for me… weekends if at all I’m afraid. :p

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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