Shrine of the Guardian Angel/Great Reawakening xp/cp expliot

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    Hi, I am playing version 1.704 and do not see anything about this in the patch notes for 1.705 (using gog version, cannot check it out)

    Seems like a expliot that I thought would be well known (sweet delicious xp and cp) by now and never reported before expecting an explicit fix in the bug patch.

    On the XP side of things:

    Every time an enemy is resurrected by the ‘great awakening’ ability defending a shrine of Serena/Guardian angel, killing it again …. and again….. and again…. and again gives the normal kill xp for killing the enemy.

    Essentially, if you are able to ‘pin’ one enemy in place using a variety of means (first strike with it low on health, web, big fat warbreed butt draining action points) you can funnel a great deal of xp to a hero or other high value unit by sitting on the corpses of the other mobs you don’t want to farm, and allowing the farmed mob to rise and get knocked down again.

    For example it is quite easy to give a hero a level killing 25+ tier 1 units on normal defender, or 1 level and 1 xp from next killing 25+ low health tier 2 caster mobs on strong or higher defender.

    For Casting point exploiting: (GREY GUARD ONLY) Same as above, but the shrine needs to have a lesser spirit elemental or something which qualifies as a being for the 5cp essence harvest ability. You simply kill all but 2 of the mobs (one placeholder that can be contained, and the mob you want to farm for CP and xp), sit on the rest, kill the lesser sprit elemental or some such over and over.

    Optimizing the screenshots to fit under the 512kb rule has been a hassle, so apart from the shody images I will give a narration.

    It is turn 55 in the scenario I provide as having noticed it could provide a big chunk of CP in the early game I decided to record it.

    The game is nearly over – but this exploit for xp can be done very early if a regrowth-shrine is in a good path and you have a good target for the regrowth-buff. For CP it can be done after a grey guard has researched essence harvest I guess.

    Warlord (so my units have first strike from global assault to make for easy pins – still easy to pin as needed with any class but it is just a few more clicks per round) 10.2K gold income, 8.4K mana income (converted into gold, I guess that is another exploit that I am able to get the AI to accept trade for thousands of mana it can’t use for thousands of gold 1:1 it doesn’t have if I never sign a peace treaty with them *and* am very strong militarily compared to them *and* maintain relations >-200…. no rush to fix this mana-gold-by-AI expliot I say, I like having a resource conversion system and not overflows of otherwise useless mana… maybe just make a proper conversion system with diminishing returns to help smaller players more than big ones in the future someday?), only 390CP / turn however in this particular game.

    And I walk into a Shrine to Serena with 1cp/390 and a level 25 hero and a army recovering from death march, walk out with a level 26 hero 3399/3400 xp and 136/390 CP.

    So even at turn 55, that 135 cp / shrine (with a lesser sprirt elemental or full grown spirit elemental) can be quite a big deal – even more so if done earlier and a deal breaker if done very early.

    Expected solution that would make sense to me is that great reawakening will not give more xp to the attacker on additional kills past the first, nor give more CP if a kill is qualified to give CP from grey guard essence harvest if the target has been reawakened.

    I recall units that were resurrected by a Archon-saint in AoW2 getting a resurrected ‘tag’, maybe something like that in the future and put a no-xp penalty and a exception to granting CP from essence harvest to it like ghouls?

    If that is not possible I guess this one can be swept under the big bug rug if no one else has raised any alarm over this in such a long time since I first noticed it over a year ago.

    Technicially, from a hypothetical standpoint and taking it to the utter silly extreme – it would be possible for Grey Guard players in collusion in a MP game to set up CP batteries for a secretly-allied player who in turn provides a CP battery to the other player with some cheap summoned (Dire Penguin – 40CP) unit or cheap fey unit and some other unit to act as placeholder keeping the battle going. Plan is to kill only the cheap summoned or fey unit 28-29-30 times for 140CP+ gained by player A until the battle timeouts and the cheap summoned unit is insta-gibbed (even if alive, another great reawakening quirk) – so player A gains 140CP and player B loses 40 CP or the gold for a cheap fey unit, with the idea that player A would reciprocate the exchange for player B at another shrine giving both an overall advantage…….. if the other players wouldn’t have to sit and watch the blatent abuse going on in normal MP.

    I guess it would be possible to rig up something that could abuse the bug in PBEM style auto-combat between players by relying on a strong regrowth unit like say a warbreed beating up a unicorn as a fey unit which charges in while the other placeholder unit for the defender is something to keep the battle going like a few builders who are scripted to run away to the edge (unicorn gets up, warbreed or other similar unit knocks it down again, repeat until retreat-timeout, keep the CP (on retreat, I checked this it works), keep the warbreed to farm again, replace the unicorn and mirror the deal for the other player- exact formulae to make it work clean may vary.

    Just putting my idea down on paper as a possibility. There are no big bajillion-million prize money tournaments that EXPLIOT-FORCE will be entering anytime soon 🙂



    Yes, I had this exploit in my mind for a long time but had no opportunity to check if it was really the case that you would get the kill XP all the time until recently. And indeed you do! I was planning to report it and try to fix it in the PBEM balance mod ( but had no time to do so recently as other issues also need fixing! 😀

    It would be great if the dev could fix it.
    I don’t know if they read this forum any more though, might have been more appropriate here:



    Thanks for the response Hiliaden, I will post a link on the other sub-forum.

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