Some comments after playing PBEM for the first time

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    OK, recently I have started a PBEM game with a friend, with the option that all battles are done by the AI (to save time). So far I have a bunch of comments about that way of playing the game (versus the SP I have done in the past):

    1- It is very annoying to not be able to see the movement of the independents or the other player. For instance, if I finish my move next to some units, I would like to know which way they ran away if they end up outside my vision range. Is there an option to do so?

    2- I observed a combat that the other player was fighting using a scout. Is it normal that I was able to see his number of Casting Points, amount of Mana, and even the breakdown of Mana income with the tooltip?

    3- The tactical AI seems to be overly prudent with heroes. It pretty much always defend with them on the first turn, even if no enemy units can attack them (due to my troops being in the way). This is even the case if enemy units are in their ranged attack range.

    4- Why does my leader never cast spells in battle? It has been 30 turns or so, and the only times he casts anything in battle was in a 1-vs-1 scout battle. He tried disjuncting site enchantments twice too. I starting with both Holy Cure and Bless researched, so I was hoping that he would use them instead of letting my units slowly die from attrition. On the other hand, my heroes have no problem casting their spells.



    1) Not as far as I’m aware. Might make for a nice addition though.

    2)Yes, that’s normal. Everyone can do this, so it’s not really unfair.

    3) It takes some getting used to. Party composition can increase the survival rate though.

    4) Don’t know to much about this.

    Are you fighting all battles auto-combat? The big advantage of PBEM is that you can fight manual vs independents…


    Using auto-combat in pbem (except vs. humans) is kind of a waste. The whole point of it is being able to take your time and make good use of your turn.

    If you’re using auto to save time you might as well play standard multiplayer. PBEM is meant to take weeks/months.



    Me and my friend live 9 time zones apart from one another, so normal MP is not feasible. Having auto battles is mainly to save time, and allow the game to progress faster when both of us are able to play (mainly during the week-end).



    yeah well, that’s the price of autobattle and it’s AI. It’s just never going to be as good as a human, and every additional tweak is going to increase computing time.



    I actually really enjoy PBEM for the opposite reason. I get to manually fight battles BECAUSE I am not delaying my friends while they wait for me to micro a fight.

    (Defense is of course automatic)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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