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    1°) The builder and the 5 turns non engagement rule:
    Why a swordsman with 28 MP can evade an enemy swordsman with 28 MP until the 5 turns limit is reached, and a 28 MP builder can’t? Note that when it’s escorted by other units, a builder is perfectly able to move during a tactical fight. When it’s alone, or turns alone because escort was slain, it’s paralyzed.

    2°) Some specializations or classes could have access to Armed Pioneers, a research that would grant pioneers and builders a light crossbow attack (and hopefully the ability to defend themselves in case they are caught alone). Now, a single T1 irregular unit would perhaps have a hard day against such armed civilians, but would this be truely unbalancing? Perhaps, this could be an Empire Builder and/or a Warmonger research?

    3°) What about granting the builder more terraforming options?
    It already has Build Road (which turns any terrain into road).
    – Harvest Wood (turns forest into fertile plain): clearcuts all the forest and receives gold.
    – Spoil Land (turns fertile plains into barrens): harvests all the riches of a farmland, destroys orchards and fields, and receives gold.
    – Dry Wetlands (turns wetlands into barrens): drains marshes, builds canals, extracts peat and receives gold.
    – Destroy Road (turns a road into barrens): removes a road and spreads all the rocks.

    These options would cost several turns (2 to 3) as compared to terraforming spell (up to 1 turn) or the Build Road option (a few MPs). This way, even if terraforming spells are open to all, the “less magical” leaders would have more options, more early.
    During the terraforming, the builder would be unavailable but could be attacked (that would cancel the terraforming). On each turn (that is twice or thrice) a small lump of gold would be earned for the harvest.

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