Steam Uploading Issues (again)

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    Hi fellow modders, does anybody else currently have problems updating their mods on steam? Whenever I try to update one of my mods I will get an Error message saying the file couldn’t be uploaded to steam at the moment. I already tried with and without open beta (and just to be sure with that ‘previous_1.73’ option in the list) but the result is always the same. This has already been the case now for around 3 weeks and I just didn’t report this earlier since my internet was very unstable during that time and I didn’t want to blame steam yet …

    Therefore I’d really apreciate it if someone else could test, if updating mods on steam still works or if it is just my personal problem.

    Best regards, Eomolch



    Afaik you have to change the mod Preview picture in the package Manager



    Hi Thariorn, not sure what exactly you mean, but I just tried it out and replaced the image with another one and still got the same error message. 🙁



    Something like this topic?

    Can't update my mod

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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