Strategic map awareness

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    I’ve been playing this game since beginning, but I still find it difficult to keep track of opponent movements on strategic map (on simultaneous turns). I dont think the observe mode works flawlessly (still seems bit bugged), and I dont keep it on often anymore, cause of the risk of sending armies to wrong directions.

    Could we get some kind of sound alert when hostile players units come into visual range? This would help in quickly responding to threats, which might be game deciding otherwise.

    Similarly, PBEM games could use some kind of function to review other players movements in your vision range during their turn (if there isnt one?).



    This would be nice. Better even if there were some sort of ‘tracking’ feature that showed the visible path of units in the last turn, but that’s likely a bit much to ask for.



    I must say I like this option, though I’m always playing with Observe Mode off due to performance.



    You used to be informed of what kind of units that entered your domain. It’s gone now for some reason.



    Domain invasion event behavior got changed yeah. Now only one event is spawn for each domain, regardless of how many enemy stacks pass trough it. It’s up to you to determine who is invading at which hex. :)

    People weren’t happy about the “domain invasion” message spam, which really was bothersome. Here is a link to the thread.



    I’m not asking for domain invasion message spam, those messages are pretty useless for me anyway. I never notice them, at least until its too late. And also domain invasion message isnt good enough, I’m hoping for noticeable alert whenever hostile forces come in your vision range, so you dont need to be watching on the minimap all the time. There’s enough things going on in tightly timed turns, not having to look on the minimap for the half of them would be appreciated.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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