Suggestion: Razed cities at start of game

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    For lower end computers, running a large scale random map with city building option set to on, can slow down the game considerably and even crash the game.

    While one can turn this function off, it seriously reduces the usefulness of settlers.

    The suggestion I wish to make is to have the option to have starting cities set to razed.

    Also as a further option would be the setting of all the razed cities to random size or fixed, e.g. all being set to outpost.

    These options would also allow the option to set the starting city to “Settler” where the player (or AI) would have to search for a razed city to be able to build.

    If these options can be implemented by a mod then I would heartily endorse it.




    First off, if you have crashes please post in our help & support forum to see if we can’t help you resolve this issue. If you have not done so already.

    Not sure if this can be modded in. I’d not know where to start and I’d assume code support would have to be added to get this working in RMG.
    Easiest way to mod this is would be to make a map and place razed cities.



    It would be nice if RMG could place some razed/ruined cities…



    Depends – do they have their own structure name? If so, we can do it. Otherwise, nope.


    If the placement of razed cities by the RMG would be possible, then I am totally in for this suggestion. Sounds great!



    Imho razed cities are a state of the regular city and can not be placed by RMG without additional support.



    Got to say I love this idea. A slider to set the percent chance that any city would start out razed would be good fun.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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