Suggestion to fix unit enchantments in combat

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    One of the issues I’ve seen a lot of people comment on is that casting a unit enchantment in tactical combat hardly ever seems like the most beneficial use of spells. I have a suggestion that I think would continue to keep the stack of enchanted doom from being an issue and yet still allow for more use of these spells in combat.

    In chess there’s a concept called tempo. What that means is initiative. As long as you have it, even though you are even in strength, you have the advantage. The same concept holds true for AoW3 combat and is the reason many players hesitate to buff a unit in tactical combat. Doing so causes you to lose the initiative. This is a problem because it relegates many otherwise good and useful spells to the dustbin because they are weak compared to direct damage spells as a way to keep initiative.

    My suggestion is simply this: Allow unit enchant spells to be cast outside of combat on the strategic map, but limit their duration only to the current turn. Why does this work?

    1) You can enchant units on the turn of a combat (either on offense or defense) and then cast other spells once you enter combat.

    2) But this is not overpowered because you still are using up your mana pool for that turn. If you buff 3 of your units at 10 mana each and you only had 30 mana, you’ve used it all up before you enter combat and enter combat with zero mana.

    3) This actually introduces additional strategy because you’d have to be very careful how you managed your spell use both before and during combat.

    4) At the end of yours and the AI’s turn all the buffs go away. So there’s no persistent stack of doom because you always have very limited (one turn’s worth) mana to enchant units.

    It seems to me this would preserve the intent of the developers to balance the game away from overpowered stacks with many enchantments layered on them over time and still allow the tactical use of them as viable spells for combat.




    I whole-heartily agree.

    In previous AoW games, enchantment spells were permanent and a really nice way of making sure the units you cared about would last longer. I used them all the time. In AoW3 I hardly ever touch them, which makes me sad since they were such a large part of my strategy before.

    Enchantments just feel useless right now, and I don’t think I would consider casting any other enchantments than battlefield-wide variants.



    Would be a nice touch. It’d give the magic-heavy classes an advantage though.

    Giving an entire stack of cavalry Killer Instinct and Steadfast Ward would be amusingly nasty against the AI.



    Personally, I tend to use enchantments in cases where a damage spell just cannot outshine it. (e.g. seeker on elven bows while sieging a city) A few class buffs – like rogue’s quick dash – are very creative and still useful as they keep your tempo up. The only spell I always feel bad using so far is Vengeful Frost – I just wish it could apply frostbite or freeze. Suffocate could apply weakened as well.

    Back to enchantments: most of them are fairly cheap, but even then you rarely feel like it’s worth the tempo loss.



    This is a very good compromise; I like it.


    I wanted to add a different suggestion for enchantments that I’ve seen elsewhere: Allow 1 offensive and 1 defensive cast per turn. Then I would definitely use my enchantments.

    But, if that is a non-starter, I think casting buffs before combat would work, too. Thanks for keeping the discussion going.



    The are a few enchantments that I find myself using frequently, and others that are abysmally useless. The rogue’s quicken step is one of the best spells in the game when you consider it heals and gives the back stabbing irregular two shots instead of one. The theocrat spell that returns damage is awesome when you have a good tanky unit like a firstborn. The idea with enchantments now is for them to be situational. That’s fine, but some of them like star blades are so useless I don’t even know why they exist. The proposed solution is a great one, but still does not solve the problem of fixing the few terrible spells.



    I wanted to add a different suggestion for enchantments that I’ve seen elsewhere: Allow 1 offensive and 1 defensive cast per turn. Then I would definitely use my enchantments.

    That’s actually another good suggestion to deal with the issue. And this might actually be easier for the devs to implement than my suggestion since they wouldn’t have to change the overland portion of the game.

    I just hope they do something to deal with it.

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