Tell Me the Best Experiences with Eternal Lords so Far

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    So with just 12 hours left til the release, my gaming laptop decided to melt. While I’m waiting on the replacement parts (and hoping the exploding PSU didn’t also fry the graphics card or motherboard) let me live vicariously by telling me your best moments with Eternal Lords so far.



    Creating a Tigran Dreadnought named Aisaka Taiga.
    Every combination of Tigran features is a riot.


    I just lost a match to Lord Theron.

    I was Orc theo, he was Human Theo.

    I had Templar Knights in my book to research at the start, and got mark of the heretic early on.

    Combined, it meant I was clearing sites with impunity, as war cry + high base damage + devout bonus (+3) meant my cheap (one per turn) GreatSwords were hitting for a base of 15 + 3 + 3 damage potentially (21 melee damage) and getting healing by my Theo and Druid hero combo.

    However, I burned my mana on marking heretics, and had to slow my empire building down in order to get Shrines, and also to get some cherubs out.

    There were a few cherub skirmishes, most of which I won, but I misjudged (bad scouting) and thought LTR was SE of the map when he was actually NE, so I was blindsides by his offensive.

    However, I managed to marshall a horde, and he retreated, but whilst I was doing so, my throne was attacked by Assassins, who barely beat the defenders.

    I had to divert my main army to recapture the Home city, and then empty it in an attempt to trap and kill LTR’s leader stack (which would have put me handily ahead, as a Theo with no uber stack is well behind any other player, as that is the Theo strength – few, strong stacks).

    However, as mentioned, he retreated.

    I recaptured the city he had captured, and kept chasing him.

    However, whilst doing so, I was building Alliances all over the place, whihc was to prove fatal when a hero offered their services on the same tunr my Throne was captured, again, this time by Lost Souls with a Reanimator.

    At this point, my main army was glaring at LTR’s main army, 2 stacks + 2 units for me, plus 2 stacks + 3 units for him. I had the benefit of elite troops and ranged superiority (heroes, Priest, Untouchable) but he had Cavalry and a Knight…and then he hired a Gryphon Rider.

    Having no Throne in which to regroup in case things went bad, and now facing that T3, I decided to concede the match.

    Lessons learnt – Orcs are weak against Undead, plan accordingly.
    Garrisons – build walls and a couple of ranged troops (neglected to do so as was enjoying Greatsword pain too much).



    Well I started on a RGM XL with Battle Start units and large city, Frostling Female Rogue Peacekeeper Expansionist.

    I started with a Tigran Hero who can spit fire, 3 Ice Queens, 2 White Witches, a raider, an Ice Scraper, a Mammoth Rider, a Frostling Bard, a Frostling Succubus, a Shadow Stalker, a Frostling Scoundrel (using him as a scout). I was like wow, cool (get Frostlings, cool hahaha).

    My Frostling Hero has white hair that looks like a white dandilian head, the type you blow on and it floats everywhere, with these cut she devil horns, glowing eyes with a strip of black paint across them.

    So far my best battle was over a Hall of the Forefathers, I didn’t lose a single unit, and my Frostling Succubus seduced a Yeti (sings loving you is easy because your covered in white fur, falala, falalala), I won a cocktrice egg (never got one of those and lets be honest who doesn’t to right a giant chicken that can get others stoned), and a shield of the Warlock, which gave the weilder Frost Aura and a bunch of protective magic. A Yeti, a superpowerful shield, gold, extra gold from corpse looting, and a cocktrice egg seems like a pretty awesome profit. My Succubus was reduced to 4 hps so I’m letting her rest.

    I’ve focused on expanding my empire, mostly via Frostling settlers and one Frostling City the first became a vessel and then joined my empire (it has a Lost Library great for me). Near my empire is a Heart of the Artic.

    I also looked at the Wiki. Tigran Succubi get bloodthirsty, 60% fire protection, 40% spirit protection, 60% blight Protection, 3 fire damage melee, Predator, Atheltic, Night Vision, and the usual succubus stuff, and 60% frost weakness. Wow they’re powerful, Tigran Succubi via with Frostling Succubi for being the best Succubus.

    Some cosmic events have happened, including a Dwarvish event where my production has been boosted by 40%! the previous one was a Dark Moon that cut the vision of my units down for 3 turns.

    I noticed in the wiki that Frostling Manticore Riders get Frost Weapons and Inflict Chilling.

    Tigran Manticore Riders get pounce, blood thirsty, and inflict bleeding wounds, along with all the other Tigran goodies. Tigran Warlords are going to be awesome, crazy awesome. Tigran Warbreeds and Tigran Phlanxes with they’re Sun Shields are going to provide needed defence for Tigrans.

    So far I’m having a blast.



    That was an unexpected Theo vs Theo matchup 🙂 But man was it fun to do a full multiplayer game again. I’ve done a lot of PBEM games during PBEM so had to get used to the AC independent fights again, but as ever against BBB it was a very tense matchup where things could have gone either way. Mark of the Heretic was my key spell too, but I was going the Priest route.

    I think the scouting advantage (and a bit of luck with roaming independents harassing BBB) saved the day. Had I not been able to hire and bring that Gryphon Rider into the fight it could have been a tense battle. Looking forward to the next one!



    I won a cocktrice egg (never got one of those and lets be honest who doesn’t to right a giant chicken that can get others stoned)

    LOL. Love it and the story.



    Your your welcome Sond. I’m thinking of writing some AOW3 fanfics although I’ll only publish PG-13 stuff on here out of respect for the DEVs.



    Haven’t played much, but in the campaign, surrounding and slaughtering the first attacking force, and having the population gained from the dead bumping one of my cities up to the next size. Nothing quite like having your enemies attack force be turned into raw productivity for yourself.



    The moment I realized I could raise corpse on my own cadaver. Might not seem much but it meant lowering the losses against the phantasm warriors.



    I was playing as a tigran rogue, clearing out the starting sites and such.

    Got a tiger as one of the rewards, he became my best scout and found all the things.

    Then my brave tiger scout found a city belonging to an elven sorcerer.

    He got mauled by storm sisters, and despite the use of a few spells my tiger was stunned and spent his final turn being helplessly electrocuted.

    RIP tiger scout, you shall be missed.



    Playing as Tigran Archdruid, and Mystic is just so cool! Against units with weak resistance, use Magic Bolt. Against units with high resistance, turn into werepanther and pounce!

    If only Pounce gets a unique animation of the unit literally pouncing the target… :3 :3 :3

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