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    The topic was brought up befor, but id like to start again a thread to gather the opinion on terraforming. The terrain and climate play an important role and so should terraforming, but the implementation of terraformer is a hassle and i rarely use it since it results in a clicking orgy.
    Usually i use terraform to change the area of a city domain to the liked type of the race. I would love an option to terraform every tile inside a city domain without manually clicking every tile. I think with such an option terraform would see much more use, it could be introduced as a second research upon terraform.


    think with such an option terraform would see much more use

    I do not think so. Reasons why I do not use terraform frequently: Being out of mana, having not researched terraforming yet.

    could be introduced as a second research upon terraform.

    even worse idea! There already are plenty of research paths to go. and why would I wnat to research a skill that does not give a benefit other than convinience of clicking less? No real motivation there. Thus the option you suggested would hardly be used at all.
    And there is another problem with a “terraform whole domain”-button: I migth want to terraform all tiles to forrest but for tiles with roads! so i cannot use the button. And it migth cause problems in a metropolis when you simply do not have enough mana fo all tiles.

    If this option or a similar option is added to research book I would suggest to add the following benefits/drawbacks:
    1) grant the skill to also convert tiles with a structure on top of it, that is resource/treasure sites and city centers.
    2) make it not a spell but a building option within the city costing gold instead of mana



    Terraforming is mostly useful for smaller cities, because as cities grow larger and expand their borders, the effect of terrain on happiness diminishes rapidly. As such, I tend to only use terraforming on outpost and villages if they’re just below a happiness level (happy, very happy or cheerful). Aside from that I often use terraforming to improve the aesthetics of my domain by adding forests here and plains there – to see those little buildings pop up in a few turns – if I have plentiful mana production. As such, I, personally, wouldn’t see reason for having or utilizing an option like you suggest.

    What would be convenient is if you could “paint” the hexes you like to terraform by holding the primary mouse button, but then there would be a higher need for an option to undo the hexes you selected by mistake.



    I honestly like terraforming a lot. It’s a very interesting spell in a lot of ways, and I don’t think anyone really understands yet how to use it to its fullest.

    For one, it’s the only spell that requires no casting points, and basically the only spell that takes up none of your mana-per-turn, so you can terraform with every leftover bit of mana income you don’t want to spend on spells. Of some note is that you can also use it while in the void.

    On decently sized cities, the +happiness it gives can essentially give a class the same buff as a rogue’s iron grip, only without having to spend mana-per-turn on keeping the spell active for the rest of the game. Of course, the mana cost for terraforming a domain of any significant size is exorbitant, but if you just delay using some of your other mana-per-turn spells for a few turns, the bonus mana you get in those turns can be used to terraform a substantial number of hexes – enough to move your city to the next happiness level.

    Obviously, goblins benefit due to using wetlands hexes as priests – and they especially like wetlands if they get the first economic racial upgrade, and are going for an expansion based play. Wetlands terraforming is useful enough to gobilns that water mastery is good for them just for the mass, cheap terraform-to-wetlands spell. Tigrans get to make Tigran-Only roads within their domain with it, and any race that likes lots of veg also has forestry, so you can potentially slow some incoming forces through terraforming. …You will need to look out for concealed units using your forests and wetlands for their own ends, of course.



    The only thing I wish with improvement of current form of terraforming – be able to use it on mountains, water, the mines and farms aso. And on hexes just around the central city tail and on this one as itself.
    I use to use teraforming very often. Not only because of happiness, it improves our army chances inside the empire.



    For my opinion, we have now not a terraforming, it is a some kind of agriculture. Terraforming should be able to change mountains, rivers and other water.

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