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    I remember how many times i finished the demo of AoW 1. Playing with every of the four demo races countless times, trying every spell combinations. I was 13 years old at that time. I was doing some “work” for the family, collecting and keeping  the money from the birthday and name day, when finnaly i had enough money to buy the game. 10 pages wouldnt be enough to describe the fun and joy this game gave to me, finished the campaign with all possible races and played countless skirmish match against the AI. The only other game i played this much was Heroes of Might and Magic 3. So Guys I just want to Thank You(100 times) for bringing back this masterpiece to us!

    Ps: Sorry for the possible grammar mistakes english is not my mother language.



    Great thread, Tomipapa! 😀

    Age of Wonders 1 is one of my favourite games, too. There are few games I spent so many hours playing. I love the beautiful landscapes, the artworks, the great gameplay, the complex, exciting, detailed and non-linear story line and the wonderful soundtrack. And AoW2 + Shadow Magic made the gameplay even much better! 🙂

    Thank you so much for creating Age of Wonders!


    Lennart Sas

    Thanks for the kind words!




    Have to echo what they said. You probably have one of the most fanatic fanbases out there, Lennart, based on what I’ve seen. Even if a lot of us have been dormant, I predict we’ll see a lot of people we’ve not heard of in years converging on this place in short order. 🙂


    I second any and all good wishes for the success of AOW 3.   A blast from the past (AOW SM) that I, to this day, still play periodically.



    I echo everything said here. I was first given the original Age of Wonders in 3rd grade and I still play it to this day as a junior in college. I have many memories of all 3 of your games and collectively I am sure I have played them more then any other series. Today when I found out the news I immediately had to call a friend of mine and inform him. I have probably never been this excited for a game to come out. I am absolutely sure y’all have done a wonderful job once again and have crafted something that will eat away my hours for another decade.


    I would like to join in thanking your studio and in particular those people who took a key part in determining whether to continue this great series. We all know in what plight is fantasy TBS. I knew that only the power of your studio to change it. Everyone knows that money is the ultimate goal of all publishers and developers are forced to give up the most daring and interesting ideas. However, these games never touched your studio. Thank you again for the return of a legend, we believe in you!


    ps sorry for the bad english



    It’s great to see so much love on this thread. I found my original Aow1 box when I was moving house back in November. My wife was making me throw out all my old game-boxes but I just couldn’t throw this one away. It has too many fond memories associated with it. That’s a point actually, will there be a physical media edition of Aow III with a box and manual? 🙂



    It’s so exciting to see the return of this great series!  AoW took up the fantasy strategy mantle from Master of Magic, and it’s carried the torch ever since as far as I’m concerned.

    I love what I’ve seen so far.  The trailer is very well done and certainly sets the mood for a very atmospheric and rich setting.  What intrigues me most, however, is the flexibility suggested by what I understand to be a system where you can select a race and then a “type” of empire (magic, technology, theocracy, etc.).  That should prove very interesting indeed.

    Can’t wait to see more!   🙂



    Age of Wonders 1 has cost me several hundreds of hours! Not that I ever minded investing these hours into the game. On the contrary, every hour I was slaughtering Elves with my Orc Warlords, was an hour well-spent. 😉

    Looking forward to Age of Wonders 3!


    Yup, 1st conflict on the demo, and wondering who the hell the syron were! And goblins on that map were the real challenge, so satisfying….


    Brother JO

    I’m very happy to see aow3 is coming 🙂 I loved aow1 and aow2.The complexity of game , gameplay and story was great.Best part was you could never know what might happen in battles.Sometimes you win the most impossible battles and sometimes you lose a hero in easy battle.I am looking forward to see this game 🙂


    Steven Aus

    I like the balance of the heroes in the latest AoW game (AoW:SM specifically).  They are powerful when supported, but alone or outnumbered they fall.  Not immortal, yet not to be trifled with. 🙂


    Brother JO

    I agree with you.In aow 1 heroes were “One Man Army”.And in aow 2 heroes were more balanced(except draconian flying heroes 😛 )In SM they were even more balanced,but they could still become the “one man army” if they were equipped with good items and some buffs.I was still able to defeat 8 knights(or more) with two level 20 hero who had life stealing and static shield buff.

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