The ALCHEMIST class concept Drawings!

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    Hi as an avid fan of the AoW series i have again decie to make a quick sketch drawing for a posible new class. The basic idea comes from the forums, as the necromancer class was the most highly requested, it was folowed by two other ideas- a nomad/mercenary/slavemaster class and a artificier/arcanist/alchemist class.This is my take on the Alchemist class, it is a technology based idea but unlie the dreadnought whose main concept was INDUSTRY, the alchemist harneses the power of both magic and SCIENCE, using both arcane-mechanical and biological knowlege to achieve his goals.

    I wont go much into idea details, i just want people to see the drawings and hopefuly someone from triumph studios, also due to the posting restrictions the image had to be rezised so its not in its full resolution.The drawing has multiple races to show some eamples for each race.

    1) The Homunculus(Homunculi)- basic class unit, created from biological material of the alchemist himself, these plant-like artificial beigns have similar traits to the leaders race but have REGENEREATION, or REGROWTH, not exceling at battle, their goal is to bog down the enemy and waste his action points while regular units outmanover the enemy, good against siege attrition with high levels. Maybe with mind contoll imunity.

    2) The Lightning Catcher-With a semi-sucsessful replica of the ancient Syron technology, the alchemists aprenticess use this weapon at great ranges but without the ability to shock-stun the enemy.

    3) The Abomination – Once a careless alchemist droped his favourite pet lizard in one of the homunculus creation pools, instead of a tragedy a miracle hapend, the newest trend in alchemical imitation of the power of creation- who doeasnt want overgrown abominations with poision glands that look like you! Ireggular, spits whatever the race spits, on higher levels gets the FEAR ability thet the sphinx has-the activated one.

    4) The Gargoyle – As an alchemist, having a oozie lab and giant lightning rods in your city sure gets the atention of your neighbours, may it be another alchemist looking to steal your secrets, a douchebag rogue trying to take your city with one grimbeak crow, or the ocasional warlord looking to raze something for some quick cash,well wory not for the gargoyle,once inanimate stone,carved to a new form and made alive with the powers of artificery and SCIENCE! is here to help.Its an ELEMENTAL unit with TRUE SIGHT, and its URBAN CONCEALMENT ability alows it to always preapare a nice suprise party for any would-be invader.

    5) The Forcetank – With chematics that copied the Syron Forceships, the alchemists developed a new but rather unstable weapon for long-ranged siege attacks. Using the mana prism atached at the end of its long barel, the forcetank can unleash a coherent beam of cosmic energy that does multiple types of damage except physicsal, all in a single line. The tank is slow and weak, with a high disregard fo all safety measures, in order to fire the tank must ready itself for one turn to fire with full potency, or can fire a smaler beam that causes overheating and burn damage to itself, the tank is made of light materials and so it is vunreable and destroying it overcharges the prism causing the tank to unleash a cosmic energy around it damaging anyone standing near it.

    6) The Warhydra – The pinacle of arcane biology made manifest. Combining the blood of different types of dragons, this perversion of nature is a mad scientists dream come true.The beast lacks the strenght and inteligence of dragons but has a wide aray of other addaptabilities that makes it a formidible foe.It is a DRAGON and MONSTER type unit so it is vunreable against monsterslayers or knights, but has the REGROWTH ability and the UNFLANKABLE ability like the death bringer unit because its multiple heads alow it to observe the battlefield from all sides, it can have multiple damage types and abilities depending on the race that created it, orc hydras can be tireles, tigran could be more beter agains bleading targets and more agile….

    This is just a small description about the units, for me their visual idea and concept are far more important than abilities and basic balancing, thats why i didnt write in-depth about stats or abilities and the ones that have some ability description are just ideas that migh work.

    TRIUMPH fee free to use these images for free, your awesome work inspired me to make this quick sketch becuse we all want more of your great game to continue to flourish.

    Any coments and ideas about the Artificer/Alchemist faction is highly welcome, so that we can show triumph what we want just with the necromancer class, they are good for listening to the comunity, if not for that i wouldnt even have drawn this.

    Luka Veljovic aka BalkanLuka



    I can edit the 1st post, so a small corection TRIUMPH feel free to use these images for free, your awesome work inspired me to make this quick sketch becuse we all want more of your great game to continue to flourish.



    To edit your opening post (E.g. for further Updates to your idea etc.) just add /edit to the end of the url or click this link



    Neat Images!

    The Homunculus drawing is much like I hoped some alternative “mad scientist” outfit for sorcerer or necromancer would be available.

    Of course, not complaining if its an own class :>



    Thx for the info, but rather now i dont have any idea to add, just wanted to fix some spelling, just wanted to post the image so other people could post their thoughts about this posible new class and their balance/ability suggestions, so the idea doeasnt disapear, just like with the necromancer, to show Triumph something we posibly all agree on,thus making it more plausible to apear in their eventual plans on expanding aow3.

    As for the homunculus look, well for a posible alchemist class big googles, a cloaked and hooded arcanist and a latex coat with big gloves would be must-have acsesory options in the lord creator.



    Love the Hydra!

    However, it’s pretty unlikely Triumph will go for a new class in AoW3; maybe AoW4 in ten or so years? 🙂



    I think you’re overestimating the community role in the Necromancer class being a thing that Triumph wanted to do – It was something they had wanted to but couldn’t think of a way forward with it, so it ended up being left for a while.

    The only thing they really did was consult the community after Golden Realms to get a feel for how we would like the Necromancer implemented, resulting pretty much in what we have now.

    (Necromancers were alluded to in the Loyalist endings of the original campaigns, for example, with an “enemy that swells for every loss we have” etc. It is possible that they meant the Shadow Demons coming from the Shadow Portal, but more likely it was Melenis returning and bringing Necromantic knowledge with her)



    This is pretty good, +1.



    i really like the drawings and your ideas but personally i think AOW3 doesnt need more classes – what would be awesome however is if all existing classes were brought to the same “level” the necromancer is.

    right now i feel especially dreadnought and sorcerer could use more content – thats not to say Dreadnought and Sorcerer are underpowered or weak , i wouldnt know as i rarely play MP…. the classes just feel a lot less diverse and interesting compared to necro.

    Gargoyle is a unit i think would fit sorcerers well*. And not as a summon but as produced & racial unit. ( i.e. each race would have a different sort of gargoyle).

    Homonculus & Lightning Catcher would fit dreadnoughts well*.

    *(with “fit well” i mean the concept of the unit, obviously gameplay mechanics d need to be balanced around dreadnought/sorcerer needs)

    i really hope Eternal Lords wasnt the last expansion and that triumph brings the other classes up to the same standard they set with the necromancer.
    a new unit here and there (and dreadnought/sorcerer/archdruid could really use 1 more racial unit ), empire upgrades, interesting strategic spells and options.

    A little bit of everything for everyone > new class .

    Still, very nice drawings !

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